Lauren Graham Wants to be Wonder Woman

The new wonder woman movie is coming up, and Lauren Graham is vying for the part. Her chances may be slim, but it would be an interesting cast, if she gets it. She is up against Mischa Barton, who could be one of the favourites, considering her place in the media spotlight right now.

“I would frigging love to be Wonder Woman! I was almost her once when I was working at the Mattel Toy Fair in the mid-’90s. But then they switched me over to the UNO card game. I love a good headband.”

I think the odds of Joss Whedon casting her are pretty damn slim. She has some SERIOUS competiton. Catherine Zeta Jones, Katie Holmes and Sandra Bullock to name a few. Should be interesting to see what happens but I think Joss will go the route of the unknown. Wonder Woman is Diana, the daughter of Hippolyta and a former princess of the Amazons of Themyscira. She is the reincarnated spirit of a human child who died in her mother’s womb almost 30,000 years ago, brought to life by several Greek goddesses to combat the schemes of Ares, God of War. [Link]

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