Kelly Bishop Talks In-depth about Gilmore Girls

Amid the explosion of Gilmore ATX articles was a revealing little interview Decider had with the person who won the biggest cheer as she stepped onto the reunion stage, Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore). Or Dame Kelly as we call her round here.

Our Queen Bee, Kelly Bish

She talks endearingly and frankly about her co-actors, her Gilmore origin story and how she wants a movie as much as any of us.

Kelly: When Sex and the City did their first movie, I was a little jealous of them. Of course, they were up for Emmys and Gilmore Girls had some issues with that. I kept going, ‘Wait a minute! We’re funnier than they are and we’re better than they are!

True dat.

Dear Queen B, please please please be my sassy fairy godmother.

Read all about it, right here.

Was Gilmore Girls funnier and better than Sex and the City?
Why do you think Kelly received the loudest cheer? 
What was she better in, Gilmore Girls or Bunheads?
What would you like to see her in next?

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The Taylor Doose Diaries and Other Gilmore Girls Spin Offs

We’ve talked about the failed Gilmore Girls spin-off series Windward Circle before but a stray comment from Trish in our Comments led me up a squirrelly path, pondering spin-offs that might have been.

How about Richard and Emily following in the footsteps of wealthy married couple (and amateur detectives) Jonathan and Jennifer Hart from Hart to Hart? Can you see them investigating secret keys hidden in cuckoo clocks, escaping scrapes and putting together clues while flirting, joking, being effortlessly charming?  All the while making middle-aged coupledom look terribly attractive.

Or Kirk as The Littlest Hobo, each episode finding him in a different location with a different job – staying until he helps someone, then moving on. For example, one week he could be an eccentric barista in Paradise, Southern California helping a new resident find a surrogate family.

until tomorrow the whole world is my home

The next, he’s a telephone repairman curing diabetes. The original Littlest Hobo was a homeless dog but I see Kirk on a cream-colored moped sporting an open-faced helmet. During a writer’s strike, there’s a story where his moped is stolen and he spends the episode trying to get it back. It subsequently becomes the most popular episode ever, is widely regarded as kicking off a renaissance in televisual neorealism and wins an Emmy.

Luke’s as the Cheers bar? Norm!!


How about something with Paris? Or Madeline and Louise in their own New York apartment… maybe joined by the guys from New Girl?

Taylor Doose P.I.? I’m seeing Hawaiian shirts, shades and a straw hat.

Heh, I wonder if this is anything like Amy Sherman-Palladino’s original pitch meeting where after her actual ideas were turned down by the studio, she plucked the idea of a mother and daughter who are best friends, out of thin air. Same thing happened to The Simpsons creator, Matt Groening. Necessity is, after all, the mother of invention. Or maybe it’s desperation.

So, do any of this frivolous asides tickle your fancy? I know we all want more Gilmore Girls but what would be your ideal spin-off?

Pic c/o TheWB and ABCFamily don’t you know

Melissa McCarthy loses out to Veep but still schwings

Congratulations and commiserations to Melissa McCarthy for her Emmy nomination as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.  Last night’s ceremony saw Julia Louis Dreyfus taking the award for Veep, but wowsers did Melissa look great…

fab hair too

It was a tough year, with contenders like Lena Dunham (Girls), Edie Falco (Nurse Jackie), Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation) and Taylor Schilling (Orange is the New Black).

Of course, we don’t take the Emmys that seriously here, with Gilmore Girls being virtually snubbed, receiving one lonely nomination during the seven years, for Outstanding Make-Up for a Series (Non-Prosthetic) – for the Festival of Living Art episode.  Which it won, obviously.  

Don’t you think Melissa looks great?  Why do you think the Emmys seemed to snub Gilmore Girls?  Did Julia Louis Dreyfus deserve the win or do you think Melissa should have won? Would Gilmore Girls have had a movie by now if it had received more awards? 

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Matt Czuchry at Emmy Awards and his EWwy Win

Matt Czuchry (Logan Huntzberger) recently appeared at the EMMY awards to support his show and co-stars. His choice of “adorably big bow tie” won him some props with fashion critics.


Matt returns in The Good Wife Season 3 starting tomorrow, where he’s said to have a couple of romantic leads for the season. Aside from a possible budding relationship with Kalinda, he may find a new love interest in Monica Raymund’s character, who joins as a prosecutor on Peter Florrick’s team.

TV fans also recently voted on their favorite shows and actors for EW’s EWwy Awards, voting Matt Czuchry as “Best Supporting Actor in a Drama”.

Matt wrote, in thanks:

A letter to my fans,

I have been extremely fortunate to have incredibly special fans support my work throughout my twelve year career. This recognition is a way for me to say… thank you so much to everyone who has taken time out of their lives to be passionate about the projects I have been a part of. I am grateful to each and every one of you. This award is yours.

Melissa McCarthy Wins Emmy Award

Melissa McCarthy (Sookie on Gilmore Girls) walked home this past Sunday with her first Emmy as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for Mike & Molly. She looked amazing and I’m so happy that she won! As a bonus bit of information, Melissa co-designed her own dress!

Here is Melissa receiving her award as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

Here is Melissa backstage after her win:

More photos! [Read more…]

Gilmore Girls Emmy Snub Still Mentioned

As Zap2it notes, Gilmore Girls never got the Emmy love it deserved. We’ve hashed this out before. But still, I’m always really happy to see that the show is remembered in every Emmy season:


“Gilmore Girls”: There weren’t many other shows like it on TV: a hip mom, her teenage daughter/buddy, and a Connecticut town full of characters, all shooting off Amy Sherman-Palladino’s rapid-fire, pop reference-laden dialogue. At some point, you would have thought that Sherman-Palladino, star Lauren Graham, who handled the dialogue and emotions like a pro, or supporting star Kelly Bishop would have at least gotten a nomination. But the show got nominated for only one Emmy in its seven-year run, for makeup. The show did at least get a win for its one and only nod; let’s hope the makeup department lets Graham and Sherman-Palladino come and visit the Emmy every so often.

Let’s hope that Melissa McCarthy and Lauren Graham get some nods for their current work this year!!

Melissa McCarthy to Announce Emmy Nominations

Melissa McCarthy (Sookie on Gilmore Girls), currently starring in the hilarious Mike and Molly sitcom, has been chosen to co-host the Emmy Nominations on July 14th with Fringe star Joshua Jackson.


Congratulations to Melissa! What a lovel honor!