Gilmore Girls Spoilers


With the announcement of the return of Gilmore Girls in October, 2015, GilmoreNews has been your partner in sourcing out all the latest news. After all, we were there with you back when Gilmore Girls was originally on the air!


Gilmore Girls: Seasons Comes to Netflix

We know that the revival, titled Gilmore Girls: Seasons, will be coming to Netflix sometime in 2016 in 4 episodes (or movies) of 90-minute each. These episodes will come in the following order, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, with each episode capturing a moment in time, with an appropriate time gap between each ‘Season’ of the year. There’s even a chance of more, someday.

We do NOT yet know when the episodes will air (we can only guess) or if they will air all at once, typical of Netflix, or if Amy Sherman-Palladino’s preference to spread them out will be honored.

Gilmore Girls: Seasons Spoilers

Here I will summarize the known Gilmore Girls spoilers as relate to the revival, including some guesses. I do not post spoilers without some context backing them up, so read through to each post for all the details. Not these are not ALL of the spoilers, only the major plot points. Stay tuned to my Gilmore Girls Revival category for all the latest bits of news.

If you go to our list of confirmed actors and guest stars, there are more possible Gilmore Girls spoilers related to casting updates, but they aren’t always as solid.

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