Gilmore Girls Revival Actors


Here is a full list of actors confirmed to be a part of the 4-part Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix, both returning actors as well as guest stars. For all the latest on the revival, called Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, stay tuned here to GilmoreNews!


Actors / characters definitely NOT returning are: GiGi (source), Scott Cohen as Max Medina (source), Kathleen Wilhoite as Liz (source), Devon Sorvari as Honor Huntzberger (source), Wayne Wilcox as Marty (source), Shelly Cole as Madeline (source) – though she almost came back!, Teal Redmond as Louise (source)

This list was last updated on June 22, 2016.

Returning Gilmore Girls Actors

New Gilmore Girls Roles & Actors

These are new parts in Gilmore Girls, to support new storylines or replace characters who are no longer a part of Stars Hollow. In addition, we have new actors found to be a part of Gilmore Girls, but we don’t yet know all of their roles. This list will be kept updated as news comes out.


  • Olivia Jellen, a little girl, as ??. Possibly a child of a new character, Phil (see below)
  • Sutton Foster as ?? has a small part two episodes. Will perform in Stars Hollow: The Musical (see details, more)
  • Mae Whitman as ?? (see announcement here)
  • Kerry Butler as ??. Will perform a song in Stars Hollow: The Musical (see announcement here) (part 3)
  • Christian Borle as ?? Will perform a song in Stars Hollow: The Musical (see announcement here) (part 3)
  • Jackie Hoffman as ?? works in office and wears Victorian-era clothes
  • Mark Provencher as Phil (found on Instagram)
  • Lisa Marie as the mother of Olivia Jellen’s character (found on Instagram, see discussion)
  • Armand Vasquez as Eric, a Dragonfly employee (found on Instagram) (part 2)
  • Jason Dugre as ?? (found on Twitter)
  • Stacey Oristano as Allie (part 4) (see post here)
  • Claudia De Vasco as Clementina, a Portuguese nanny (possibly to Paris & Doyle’s children below) (see our post) (see her Tweet, casting info) (part 2)
  • Berta and Alejandro, a Peruvian couple. Alejandro is both a handyman and a solid family man. Berta is an early 30s Peruvian, tiny and cheery and speaks Quechua (source) (part 1 and 4)
  • Eric Henry as Nat Compton, an incredibly miserable looking man who never smiles. We’re led to believe he has a strong character on the show. (source) (part 3)
  • 13-year-old Dewey, proper and eager to be a helper (part 3 only)
  • 7-year-old Tim and his 5-year-old sister Gabriela (possibly Paris & Doyle’s children) (part 2 only)
  • Hunter Wenzel, possibly Davey (Sookie & Jackson’s son) or Dewey (see above) – (see post)
  • 9-year-old Korean-American twins Stevie & Kwan (Lane & Zack’s twins!). Ezra Dewey plays Stevie (source) and Lucas Jaye as Kwan (source)
  • Mitchell Gregorio as ?? (see post) Confirmed for a ‘multi-episode arc’ (source)
  • A whole bunch of hippies at a commune (part 4)
  • A pleasant 30-something Paul. Described as an older Michael Cera-type described as “a good boyfriend” (strong role, part 1 only)
  • An older high-end men’s magazine editor Jim. Mid 40s/50s, has energy, fast-paced, ambitious with integrity, somewhat quirky, boyish.  (part 2)
  • A blue-collar Dwayne (part 3)
  • Brandon Ruiter as a good-looking, stylish, eager 20-something Damon (part 4)
  • Sam Duncan, a ‘hapless’ old diner owner in his 60s or 70s (source) (part 2)
  • Phan, a 40-something Vietnamese male running a food booth (source) (part 2)
  • Gastón Leguizamón as a student at Chilton (see his photo here)
  • Dominic Burgess as Chuck (source)
  • Antwon Keith as ?? (source)
  • Anthony Narinskiy as Tristan (not to be confused with Tristan Dugray) (source)
  • Ashley Caple as Tristan’s girlfriend (source)
  • Joe Hernandez-Kolski as ?? (see his photo here)
  • Mara Casey as “Ellen” (source) (she’s the previous casting director for Gilmore Girls) (Part 3)
  • Bailey De Young as Heidi (source)
  • Sam Pancake as Donald, a ‘fun character’ (source) (part 3) (Sam is a friend of Lauren Graham)
  • Sasha Pasternak as Molly (source) (part 4)
  • Rich DiDonato as ?? – he’s previously been on Gilmore Girls as Man #1, Cliff, Dad, Eddie the Mailman (source)
  • Tom Connolly as Francis (source) (part 1)
  • Joey Romaine as “Young Guy” (source) (part 2)
  • Bobby Ysip as “Townsperson” (source) (part 1)
  • Phillip Jordan as ?? (source)
  • Michelle La as Korean choir member (source) (part 2)
  • Tory N. Thomson as Lance (source) (part 3)
  • Carrie Madsen as Sandra (source)(discussion) (part 3, 4)
  • Shaniece Cole as Comic Book Store Owner (source) (part 4)
  • Bonita Friedericy as Nun #1 (source) (part 4)
  • Frank Gallegos as Alejandro (source)
  • Ashley Joyce as Josie (source) (part 4)
  • Liz Montgomery as Elderly Woman, likely at Richard’s memorial (source) (part 1)
  • Julie Silverman as Bernice (source) (part 1, 3)
  • Louise Goffin (who sant with mom Carole King on the theme song) (source)
  • Artem Chigvintsev as a Dancer (source)
  • Brittany Cherry as a Dancer (source)
  • Paul Barris as a Dancer (source)
  • Jared Murillo as a Dancer  (source)
  • Nikki Boyer as ?? (source)
  • Dan Bucatinsky as ?? (source)
  • Rachael Markarian as a Dancer (source)
  • Ali Axelrad as a Dancer (source)
  • Noah James as Lunch Guy (source) (part 2)
  • Rose Perez as ?? (source)
  • Richardson Jones as ?? (source) (part 3)
  • Samira Bëija as ?? (source)
  • Natasha Key as ?? (source) (part 3)
  • Andrew Johnson as Adult Skater (source)
  • Samantha Miller as a Dancer (source)
  • Antonio Martinez as a Dancer (source)
  • Lisa Maley as Korean Girl Singer (source)
  • Anthony Muniz as Tango Club Patron (source) (part 2)
  • Thom Shelton as Thirties Guy with Laptop (source) (part 4)
  • Michael Ausiello (source)
  • Robert Arce as Sam(source) (part 2)
  • Timothy E. Goodwin as Pat (source) (part 3)
  • Yannik Collin as Upscale Restaurant Patron (source) (part 3)
  • Margaret Katch as Friendly Woman (source) (part 3)
  • Irene White as Brenda (source) (part 4)
  • Renee Pezzotta as Woman (source) (part 4)
  • Michael Sung-Ho as Korean Male Singer (source) (part 2)

Part 1 is Winter
Part 2 is Spring
Part 3 is Summer
Part 4 is Fall (the finale)