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Season 1 of Gilmore Girls first aired on The WB on October 5th, 2000.

1.01: Pilot
Air Date: 5 October 2000
[Recap, Discussion & Photos][Rory is realistic]

Rory is accepted into Chilton prep school. Lorelai must mend ways with her parents to get a loan for Rory’s tuition. The caveat: Friday night dinners.

1.02: The Lorelais’ First Day at Chilton
Air Date: 12 October 2000
[Recap, Discussion & Photos][Why that outfit?]

Lorelai and Rory find themselves late for Rory’s first day at Chilton. Lorelai has all her clothes at the cleaners, and finds herself faced with wearing cutoffs and cowboy boots to meet the headmaster.

1.03: Kill Me Now
Air Date: 19 October 2000
[Recap, Discussion & Photos][Sports for Rory]

Rory takes up golf with her grandfather, Richard Gilmore, to fulfill the ‘sports’ requirement of her school. Lorelai must deal with the growing bond between Rory and her grandfather. The Inn prepares for a double wedding for twins.

1.04: The Deer Hunters
Air Date: 26 October 2000
[Recap, Discussion & Photos][Paris is mean]

Rory hits a deer on the way to school, which makes her miss a Shakespeare exam. The excuse does not go over well, and Rory faces a dent in her GPA.

1.05: Cinnamon’s Wake
Air Date: 2 November 2000
[Recap, Discussion & Photos][Date him or not?]

Babette and Morey lose a beloved cat, Cinnamon, and bring the town together for a memorial service. Rory gets her first crush on bag boy Dean.

1.06: Rory’s Birthday Parties
Air Date: 9 November 2000
[Recap, Discussion & Photos][Why Fez?]

Emily Gilmore hosts a posh birthday for Rory, which is awkward for her, but Lorelai’s traditional big bash is right up her alley. Rory invites her grandparents to the party and the contrast in sparks trouble between Lorelai and Emily.

1.07: Kiss and Tell
Air Date: 16 November 2000
[Recap, Discussion & Photos][Why does Lorelai do that?]

Dean and Rory have their first kiss in Doose’s market in aisle three. The whole town knows about it, minus Lorelai. Lorelai must deal with being a mother as well as a best friend when she is hurt about not being in the loop.

1.08: Love and War and Snow
Air Date: 14 December 2000
[Recap, Discussion & Photos][Young Lorelai]

Rory is out of town. Snow falls on Stars Hollow. Lorelai and Rory’s professor Max have their first date at Lorelai’s home. Only, Lane shows up.

1.09: Rory’s Dance
Air Date: 20 December 2000
[Recap, Discussion & Photos][Dean vs Christopher]

Rory and Dean attend Chilton’s formal dance and discover, mutually, that they are a couple. Something unexpected happens that upsets the town, puts Lorelai into mom-frenzy mode and Emily putting gas on the fire.

1.10: Forgiveness and Stuff
Air Date: 21 December 2000
[Recap, Discussion & Photos][Did Lorelai grow as a daughter?]

The holidays don’t do much to bring Emily & Lorelai together, but an emergency room does. Luke and Lorelai become closer.

1.11: Paris Is Burning
Air Date: 11 January 2001
[Recap, Discussion & Photos][Lorelai’s afraid?]

Lorelai becomes concerned about her relationship with Max at the Chilton Parents Day. Paris sort of accepts Rory’s offer.

1.12: Double Date
Air Date: 18 January 2001
[Recap, Discussion & Photos][Lorelai’s dates]

Lorelai agrees to a double date with Sookie & Jackson and Jackson’s rude cousin Rune. Mrs. Kim gets furious when she finds out Lane & Rory had their own double date.

1.13: Concert Interruptus
Air Date: 15 February 2001
[Recap, Discussion & Photos][Lorelai Pretty]

Lorelai takes Rory, Paris, Madeline and Louise to a concert for The Bangles. Lorelai steps up when Madeline and Louise sneak off with college guys. Lorelai’s home is the drop off point for the town rummage sale.

1.14: That Damn Donna Reed
Air Date: 22 February 2001
[Recap, Discussion & Photos][Who was Donna Reed?]

Dean approves of the "meatloaf-and-pearls" domestic life of The Donna Reed Show, so Rory surprises him with a 50s style Donna night. An unexpected visitor arrives.

1.15: Christopher Returns
Air Date: 1 March 2001
[Recap, Discussion & Photos][The Hayden’s dislike]

Christopher Hayden – Rory’s father – is guest in their home. The Gilmore’s and Hayden’s attempt a reunion dinner.

1.16: Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers
Air Date: 8 March 2001
[Recap, Discussion & Photos][What does Luke see in Rachel?]

The Founders Firelight Festival is on its way, and love is in the air. Lorelai is faced with Emily’s matchmaking. Dean dumps Rory.

1.17: The Breakup: Part 2
Air Date: 15 March 2001
[Recap, Discussion & Photos][Why the kiss?]

Rory attempts to overcome her breakup by making a major to do list. Lorelai has a relapse in her feelings for Max.

1.18: The Third Lorelai
Air Date: 22 March 2001
[Recap, Discussion & Photos][Why does Trix dislike Emily?]

The ‘original’ Lorelai visits from London and offers a trust fund for Rory’s education. Emily does not want her territory infringed upon.

1.19: Emily in Wonderland
Air Date: 26 April 2001
[Recap, Discussion & Photos][Lorelai gets a bad taste]

Rory gives Emily a Stars Hollow tour and talks about her childhood & her mom. Rachel wants to put down roots – can Luke trust her?

1.20: P.S. I Lo…
Air Date: 3 May 2001
[Recap, Discussion & Photos][Why does Lorelai buy clothes for Luke?]

Partial truths & misunderstandings about romantic lives lead to a major Gilmore fight. Rory seeks a safe haven at the Gilmore mansion.

1.21: Love, Daisies and Troubadours
Air Date: 10 May 2001
[Recap, Discussion & Photos][Lorelai ready to commit?]

Rachel suspects more of the Luke-Lorelai relationship. Rory tells Dean she loves him. Max has 1000 yellow daisies and a question for Lorelai.

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