Parenthood season 5

In April, it was confirmed that Parenthood will receive a fifth (not the last I hope) season.

The season will include a full season with 22 episodes and I’m very happy about this.
I hope season five offers us something special. Which I really think it’s going to do then Parenthood never usually disappoint me.
What do you hope that the season will offer?

Sarah’s love life in season five?

She asked who she thinks Sarah should end up with, Graham laughed and said, “Well, we don’t have either of them for next season, so I might have to go back to Billy Baldwin.”

So it seems like Ray Romano and Jason Ritter will not take part in Season 5.
Will Sarah get a new love interest? Possibly? Yes, probably. What do you think?

Gilmore Girls in the Movies

When was the last time your started lollygagging at the TV, pointing and gibbering at the screen because one of the Gilmore Girls alumni turned up where they shouldn’t? What, just me? Come on, ‘fess up.

lorelai and arlen

Sean Gunn (GG’s Kirk) turning up in Glee was a nice surprise, although he was criminally underused. And I always have a moment of re-acclimatisation seeing Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore) as the mother in Dirty Dancing. Uh, not that I watch Dirty Dancing over and over or anything.

They’ve had a fair run at the movies too, stand-outs being Milo Ventimiglia (Jess) in Rocky Balboa and Melissa McCarthy (Sookie) in Bridesmaids. Keiko Agena (Lane) recently won Best Supporting Actress for the short Lil Tokyo Reporter at the AoF Awards.

Prior to her blossoming career in publishing, Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore) had a few good features under her belt. She was a Lorelai-a-like in the charming comedy The Answer Man (aka Arlen Faber), had a small part in the great Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, was underwritten in Evan Almighty and successfully played against type in Bad Santa.

Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore) carried on her Rory story in Post Grad, vacationed with her buddies in the enjoyable Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and made the most of her baby blues in Sin City.

What’s your favourite non-Gilmore role from a Gilmore Girls actor? Extra points for anything really obscure.

Melissa McCarthy in “Identity Thief”

Melissa McCarthy (Sookie on Gilmore Girls), who currently stars in the tv show Mike & Molly, also stars in the newly-released movie, Identity Thief, a movie about a man (Jason Bateman as Sandy Patterson) who has his identity stolen by a woman.

1melissa mccarthy identity thief

The movie is being praised by many critics, most of whom praiseMelissa McCarthy for her comedic delivery, calling her a “master” for her “her natural ability to garner both laughs and affectionate sighs from her audience.” The New York Times even called Melissa the “bliss” of the film. 

Melissa Attacked by Reviewer – Low Blow

Despite it’s success at the box office and with reviews, the New York Observer‘s Rex Reed took some low shots at Melissa’s size, using terrible words to describe her. Calling her a “gimmick comedian,” he followed up by calling the beautiful Melissa words such as “hippo” and much worse, which is pains me to even mention. Makes me sick. And that he could even imply that her success was due to her size and not her talent is just as bad.

Thankfully, I’m not the only one sickened by this low blow. Hollywood and fans around the world have been in an uproar about the comments. 

Here is more about the movie – since that’s really our focus anyway:

Identity Thief PosterMelissa mccarthy identity thief

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Alexis Bledel’s “The Brass Teapot” Trailer

Alexis Bledel is soon to star as Payton in the upcoming indie film, The Brass Teapot, a film that is both comedy and “morality play,” as the summary suggests:

When a couple discovers that a brass teapot makes them money whenever they hurt themselves, they must come to terms with how far they are willing to go.

The film stars Juno Temple in the lead female role with Michael Argarano in the lead male role. Here is the newly released trailer:

Here is a scene with Alexis:

Alexis in Parts Per Billion

Alexis Bledel has signed that she will be involved in the movie Parts Per Billion which will premiere 2014.

Penn Badgley (Gossip Girl), Hill Harper (CSI: NY) and Teresa Palmer (I am number 4) are a few that will also be the parts in the movie.

story: The story of three couples dealing with a reality-shaking event that threatens to tear them apart. 

Melissa McCarthy Gets Oscar Nomination

Melissa McCarthy (Sookie on Gilmore Girls) has received an Oscar nomination as Best Supporting Actress for her role on Bridesmaids. Melissa, who won an Emmy for Lead Actress for Mike & Molly, has been getting a lot of attention this year. Of this nomination, Melissa said:

“I didn’t get up or anything. I just did not expect that. AT ALL! Hopefully I’m not nuts. At some point today, I’m having champagne, dammit!”

Melissa mccarthy bridesmaids

Not everyone thinks Melissa deserved the nomination – but WE DO!!

Arielle Kebbel in “Answer This”

Arielle Kebbel (Lindsay Lister then Forester on Gilmore Girls) stars in the independent film Answer Me, which is currently finishing up some of its first premieres.


Summary: A brilliant trivia whiz, Paul Tarson (Christopher Gorham) is great at answering life’s little questions, but horrible at answering the big ones – like what’s he going to do after grad school?

Arielle stars in the film as Naomi, a girl that Paul falls for… who is also his student.