How Much for Lorelai’s Autograph?

It’s about 60 bucks for Lauren Graham’s autograph on eBay. Would you get one?

chivalry is not dead

BBC’s Newsbeat has an article on the popularity of autographs in the age of the selfie and includes some choice words from Sean Gunn (Kirk Gleason) at Comic-Con:

Sean: I try to look at it from their [the fan’s] point of view… For each fan that comes up to me, that’s what they’re going to remember of me. So long as I look at everybody as individuals, it helps me not feel it’s monotonous in any way… I certainly owe them whatever honesty I can give them.

Stand-up guy, right? Just like Luke. Heh…

Lorelai: And you know what phrase I keep using? ‘Stand-up.’ ‘Luke Danes is a stand-up guy. He’s an upstanding member of Stars Hollow, a real stand-up citizen.’ People are gonna think he’s turned into a comedian.

Can you name two other things from Lorelai’s ensuing ‘monkey monkey underpants’ monologue?  Which, incidentally, oughta sit right alongside Hamlet’s soliloquy in any budding actor’s audition portfolio.

Whose autograph would you pay good money for?  I think part of the attraction of autographs is that the actor (hopefully) touched it with their own hands and unlike selfies, it’s less about showing others that you were there with them.  Less showy, more respectable. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned that way.

I am also loving how Sean comes off as chivalrous as Kirk in the scene pictured above, looking after Lorelai. He’s related to a 12th Century knight y’know.

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The Gilmore Girls Reunion Answered My Questions!

This is a companion post to our post from a month ago when I cobbled together this wishlist of questions for the cast reunion:

Keiko Agena (Lane), Yanic Truesdale (Michel) and Liza Weil (Paris)

Amy: Please write us a scene and have those present act it out right now.
Sadly unasked but it would have been awesome. Amy and Dan would have run up and down, whispering lines into people’s ears. Maybe next time…

Alexis: Team Dean, Jess or Logan? (I’d love her to say Team Rory).
The boys answered this so entertainingly I blogged about it about an hour ago, right here!

Also Amy: What was the town loner protesting?
Also unasked but I believe it was related to the rocketing price of McGuffins.

For All the Cast: What props or memorabilia did you yoink from the set?
This was asked by a fan and the segment was not included in the video, but it was mentioned in the EW live blog:

Keiko Agena (Lane): We didn’t know it was ending. I would have stole so much!
Daniel Palladino (writer and co-producer): We’ve got the original Stars Hollow sign in my house.
Milo Ventimiglia (Jess): I’ve got Jess’ leather jacket.

For All the Cast: What do you think happened to your character after the show ended?
The cast answers this in the video at the 34 minute mark. It’s been documented well in a few places including BuzzFeed, with the mic being passed fairly quickly down the line. While my favourite response is Jackson’s, will somebody please give Kelly Bishop a hug from me next time you see her?

Kelly Bishop (Emily): I actually think if Richard were still with us we would have been pretty much in the same place we were. I think we were very comfortable with that life with the country clubs and the right people and all that and still probably fighting the battles but now, um… now Emily’s a widow, so… that’s a whole other world.

So, I don’t know where she is.

Oh, Emily...

Just ah, give me a moment.


Jackson Douglas (Jackson Belleville): [After an entertaining trip down memory lane] To give you an actual answer, I would say… the vasectomy never took, there’s 42 children out there and uh, I ‘m actually farming children now, so… I guess that’s the best answer I can come up with.

Thanks to anyone who took these questions to ATX!

Pics c/o Jack Plunkett & Entertainment Weekly

Dean, Jess and Logan on Dean, Jess or Logan? In Full!

I’ve seen this summarised in a couple of places because the internet LOVES generalising (*wink*) but it’s so much better in full. One of the best bits of the ATX EW video was seeing the actors behind Rory’s boyfriends ribbing, bantering and showing each other some brotherly love.

Doyle is like a hobbit next to Dean

Catch it on the video at 25 minutes in, otherwise insert audience laughing, squealing and hooting after every line.

The moderator opens the full cast panel asking where people stand on the question: Dean, Logan or Jess?

Milo (Jess): Look I’ve always been very vocal: I’m Team Dean. I mean…

Jared (Dean): I was going to say, honestly I was Team Jess. I love Matt as well but I was always a Team Jess guy. I love Milo, I thought he was cool and sexy and handsome and…

Milo: Thanks man. But it was one of those tough things too because really it had nothing to do with us I mean y’know Rory and choices and all that but it was like we all know each other and it’s hard sometimes y’know like Logan… Was a dick. He kind of was a dick and – but it’s like Matty! Matty’s the coolest guy on the planet so it’s like, I’m rooting for everyone.

dick move

Matty The Coolest Guy On The Planet (Logan): I saw something that Amy said recently about the right boyfriend came at the right time and that’s kind of what I feel with Dean and Jess and Logan is that they each brought something out in Rory that she needed at that time, so I’m gonna steal that. But I was also kinda Team Jess. [Jared offers and Matty accepts a high-five]

Jared: I will say this: If Milo wasn’t here today, I’d have totally been Team Logan.

Milo Ventimiglia, Jared Padalecki and Matt Czuchry, ladies and gentlemen. So cool.

It peters on a little, with Alexis Bledel (Rory) responding and Scott Patterson (Luke) finishing with a slam dunk:

Alexis: I feel like it’s really unfair when they ask me to pick one because they’re all such amazing actors to work with, it would just… it’s unfair.

Moderator (deadpan): So pick one. (Awkward!)

[EW Video Edit]

Scott: I think I have the final word on this one: None of you are good enough for Rory thankyouverymuch.

Pics c/o Jack Plunkett

Gilmore Girls ATX Festival – A Photo Line-Up

The Gilmore Girls reunion at the ATX Festival brought back Stars Hollow for a gathering that likely hasn’t happened, even off screen, since the show went off the air. The actors seemed so happy to get back together! I am sorting through the hundreds (thousands?) of photos, and will likely highlight more in other posts, but for now here’s a little look at some amazing moments shared on the panel and at the press gatherings:


GG reunion. Jess with Luke and Lorelai. My top three favorite GG characters.

A photo posted by Jess Mariano (@jess__mariano) onJun 7, 2015 at 8:37pm PDT

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Milo Ventimiglia Joins the Gilmore Girls Reunion this Weekend!

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that the annual ATX Festival will be hosting a Gilmore Girls reunion this weekend. EW announced about an hour ago that Milo Ventimiglia (Jess Mariano) has confirmed he’ll be there, mostly causing trouble in the back row and looking moody.

he wrote a book

Jess and Luke – sorry, Milo and Scott Patterson (Luke Danes) – also had a cute love-in on Twitter this week.  Read it from bottom to top, that’s how Twitter works:

But back to ATX…  With the exception of Melissa McCarthy (Sookie St. James), this means all the primary cast will be in attendance alongside show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, writer Dan Palladino and I’d bet my back teeth Helen Pai (writer, co-producer, inspiration for Lane Kim) is gonna be there too.

While I think enough time has passed for a Gilmore Girls reunion to be due – the love is as strong as it ever was – my optimistic heart holds out hope that the enormity of this event signifies some kind of planetary alignment and that this would be the perfect time and place to announce a Gilmore Girls movie or sequel. Scott Patterson suggested there were early ongoing talks in an interview earlier this month and my flame was rekindled last year when Amy, Lauren, Alexis and Kelly – that’s the show creator, Lorelai, Rory and Emily Gilmore – may or may not have met up for lunch in New York.

Just think… this time next week we’ll know if there’s going to be a Gilmore Girls sequel.  You still want one, right?

If you’re going to ATX, it’s gonna be a blast. For the rest of us, EW will be broadcasting the reunion in some form so keep an eye out on their website from Saturday night.

Pics c/o TheWB, Twitter, @cashregstrnoise, Milo Ventimiglia and Scott Patterson.

Do Boys Like Funny Girls?

Full disclosure: last week’s post originally began as this article before I got seriously distracted. It’s about Mrs. Kim’s bold statement in the pilot episode:

Mrs. Kim: So. How was school? Any of the girls get pregnant, drop out?
Lane: Not that we know of.
Rory: Though come to think of it Joanna Posner was glowing a little.
Mrs. Kim: What?
Lane: Nothing Mama she’s just kidding.
Mrs. Kim (brandishing her duster): Boys don’t like funny girls.

I love funny girls.
I think about this often, partly because I find myself surrounded with funny girls (most of whom I don’t hate) and partly because all evidence seems to proves the contrary: Dean, Luke, Jess, Max, Logan and all the Gilmore boyfriends liked funny girls (until they got dumped). So what what Mrs. Kim on?

Perhaps she’s transferring and she used to be funny but boys never liked her?  As the show progresses, she certainly eases up (in some areas), regressing to a less serious demeanour.

Or maybe it’s an ego / tradition / respect thing… are boys supposed to be funny and girls merely supposed to laugh at their jokes?

I need help with this one. Do boys like funny girls? Are you a funny girl and do boys like you? Or was she just wrong?

Mrs Kim c/o TheWB

Matt Czuchry gets Mobbed by Gilmore Girl Fans on his Reddit AMA!

The ever-wonderful Matt Czuchry (pronounced Zoo-krie) underwent the Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) treatment this week – and just like Lauren Graham’s AMA last year, he was very soon mobbed by Gilmore Girls fans and questions. You guys rock!

Insomnia Parrot-itis or somesuch

True to his reputation as the Nicest Guy in Hollywood, he gallantly answers everything, disclosing his favorite episodes, pizza toppings and whether he’s Team Jess, Dean or Logan.

The full Reddit read-along is here and I’ve collected together the juicy Gilmore bits, below.  Enjoy…


On Logan’s exit from the show and his return if the show hadn’t been cancelled (spoiler?):

I actually liked how Rory refused Logan’s proposal. I feel that the show is about 2 strong independent women, and that refusal captures the heart of the show.
And I don’t think it was personal to Logan. I just think it was the right decision for Rory regardless of who her boyfriend was.
Even at the wrap party, there were talks that the show was gonna come back, and that I would have come back to have been a part of that. But nothing was ever set in stone.
And I will be there, at the reunion in June. Hope to see you there!

On Logan’s ultimatum to Rory (‘Does it have to be all or nothing?’ ‘Yeah, it does.’ Dingbat.)

Logan was always about grand gestures and being impulsive. That was one of his strengths (and weaknesses, at the same time). So that’s probably what you’re feeling as a result.

On the Life and Death Brigade stunts:

I’m terrified of heights in real life, so I would not have done that stunt you saw in “I Jump, You Jump, Jack.”
But in terms of Logan’s sense of adventure and grand gestures and spontaneity, those are elements that I try to take from him and apply to my own life.

On filming Gilmore Girls:

The pace of the dialogue was what made that show incredibly unique.
And also, incredibly difficult as an actor. To be able to maintain that speed, tone, and at the same time, try to make layered choices was a great experience to have early in my career.
It really challenged me.

On working with Lauren and Alexis:

We did an episode “A Vineyard Valentine” and we shot that in Malibu. That episode stands out for me, because all 3 of us just loved being in Malibu, filming on the beach. I remember during one lunch break, I took a walk and there was a sea lion who kept going up and down in the water, following me along the way. So that was a unique episode for me to be a part of with Alexis and Lauren.

On his connection with Logan:

I looked at Logan as somebody who would challenge Rory. And push her to new adventures in her life. In terms of Cary [Matt’s character in The Good Wife], I saw him as somebody who is incredibly passionate about the law and cases and having majored in history and political science, that was something that spoke to me.
There’s a lot of influences to mention over the course of both of those series. But the power is really in the choices you make between “action” and “Cut!” as an actor.
And in that subtext, creating layers that go beyond what’s on the page.
In the final episode of Gilmore Girls, I wanted to capture that Logan loved Rory, and although they both might not be quite ready to get married, just like in “I Jump, You Jump, Jack” there was that feeling of let’s take a leap and see if the net appears.

Team Dean, Jess or Logan?

You gonna really make me choose? Absolutely team Logan.
Because he pushed Rory to seek new adventures in her life.
Favorite scenes / episodes
Some of my favorite episodes to film were “You Jump, I Jump, Jack,” “Wedding Bell Blues,” and “Hay Bale Maze.”

On going to the Gilmore Girls Reunion at ATX in two weeks:

I am! The fans have been so passionate about the show for so many years – so to be able to be there, and interact with the fans, is a treat for me. And hopefully for the fans as well.
And I’m also excited to see ALL the cast – and to tell Amy Sherman-Palladino that she created a great character in Logan

And Amy:

I saw Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband Dan on the street in New York probably about 3 years ago? And we had a quick chat and catch-up. But yes, this will be the first time we’ve been together since we wrapped in 2007, and for some, even longer!

He also talks about his performances in The Good Wife, Freaks and Geeks, Friday Night Lights and I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell. His favorite pizza topping is pepperoni and his favorite ice cream is Reese’s Pieces Sundae, which is good information if you’re a stalker. Just saying.

Check out all the pepperoni-scented Czuchry-ness in full, here.

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