Matt Czuchry gets Mobbed by Gilmore Girl Fans on his Reddit AMA!

The ever-wonderful Matt Czuchry (pronounced Zoo-krie) underwent the Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) treatment this week – and just like Lauren Graham’s AMA last year, he was very soon mobbed by Gilmore Girls fans and questions. You guys rock!

Insomnia Parrot-itis or somesuch

True to his reputation as the Nicest Guy in Hollywood, he gallantly answers everything, disclosing his favorite episodes, pizza toppings and whether he’s Team Jess, Dean or Logan.

The full Reddit read-along is here and I’ve collected together the juicy Gilmore bits, below.  Enjoy…


On Logan’s exit from the show and his return if the show hadn’t been cancelled (spoiler?):

I actually liked how Rory refused Logan’s proposal. I feel that the show is about 2 strong independent women, and that refusal captures the heart of the show.
And I don’t think it was personal to Logan. I just think it was the right decision for Rory regardless of who her boyfriend was.
Even at the wrap party, there were talks that the show was gonna come back, and that I would have come back to have been a part of that. But nothing was ever set in stone.
And I will be there, at the reunion in June. Hope to see you there!

On Logan’s ultimatum to Rory (‘Does it have to be all or nothing?’ ‘Yeah, it does.’ Dingbat.)

Logan was always about grand gestures and being impulsive. That was one of his strengths (and weaknesses, at the same time). So that’s probably what you’re feeling as a result.

On the Life and Death Brigade stunts:

I’m terrified of heights in real life, so I would not have done that stunt you saw in “I Jump, You Jump, Jack.”
But in terms of Logan’s sense of adventure and grand gestures and spontaneity, those are elements that I try to take from him and apply to my own life.

On filming Gilmore Girls:

The pace of the dialogue was what made that show incredibly unique.
And also, incredibly difficult as an actor. To be able to maintain that speed, tone, and at the same time, try to make layered choices was a great experience to have early in my career.
It really challenged me.

On working with Lauren and Alexis:

We did an episode “A Vineyard Valentine” and we shot that in Malibu. That episode stands out for me, because all 3 of us just loved being in Malibu, filming on the beach. I remember during one lunch break, I took a walk and there was a sea lion who kept going up and down in the water, following me along the way. So that was a unique episode for me to be a part of with Alexis and Lauren.

On his connection with Logan:

I looked at Logan as somebody who would challenge Rory. And push her to new adventures in her life. In terms of Cary [Matt’s character in The Good Wife], I saw him as somebody who is incredibly passionate about the law and cases and having majored in history and political science, that was something that spoke to me.
There’s a lot of influences to mention over the course of both of those series. But the power is really in the choices you make between “action” and “Cut!” as an actor.
And in that subtext, creating layers that go beyond what’s on the page.
In the final episode of Gilmore Girls, I wanted to capture that Logan loved Rory, and although they both might not be quite ready to get married, just like in “I Jump, You Jump, Jack” there was that feeling of let’s take a leap and see if the net appears.

Team Dean, Jess or Logan?

You gonna really make me choose? Absolutely team Logan.
Because he pushed Rory to seek new adventures in her life.
Favorite scenes / episodes
Some of my favorite episodes to film were “You Jump, I Jump, Jack,” “Wedding Bell Blues,” and “Hay Bale Maze.”

On going to the Gilmore Girls Reunion at ATX in two weeks:

I am! The fans have been so passionate about the show for so many years – so to be able to be there, and interact with the fans, is a treat for me. And hopefully for the fans as well.
And I’m also excited to see ALL the cast – and to tell Amy Sherman-Palladino that she created a great character in Logan

And Amy:

I saw Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband Dan on the street in New York probably about 3 years ago? And we had a quick chat and catch-up. But yes, this will be the first time we’ve been together since we wrapped in 2007, and for some, even longer!

He also talks about his performances in The Good Wife, Freaks and Geeks, Friday Night Lights and I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell. His favorite pizza topping is pepperoni and his favorite ice cream is Reese’s Pieces Sundae, which is good information if you’re a stalker. Just saying.

Check out all the pepperoni-scented Czuchry-ness in full, here.

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Quick Poll: What was your most recent episode of Gilmore Girls?

After three full season re-watches, for the past couple of years I’ve been randomly picking episodes from my PVR. I have to forward through the commercials but it’s the quickest way to scratch that Gilmore itch. I confess I lean towards the Jess vs Dean years but I’ll watch whatever’s on…

How do you take your Gilmore Girls? Are you a proud Netflix newbie? Are you re-watching your DVD boxed set for the second time or wearing out your beloved VHS tapes? TV recordings? Re-runs?

one is a pom

My most recent full episode was the one where Lorelai has termites, Lane has pompoms and Paris has a 750 math with 730 verbal but she wasn’t bragging or anything.

Madeline: So I’m trying to compile a list of people’s scores, especially the top students and I realized I don’t have yours yet.
Rory: Oh, so you wanna know my PSAT scores?
Madeline: Yes that would be great.
Rory: Put Paris on the phone.
s02e11 Secrets and Loans

Also Jackson comes out of the (kitchen) closet wearing wrestling pyjamas, Emily co-signs Lorelai’s loan in a fashion that would have made Machiavelli proud and the word coffee is spoken by 7 people, a total of 16 times including:

Luke: That’s your sixth cup.
Lorelai: Yes it is.
Luke: How about some tea?
Lorelai: Absolutely, throw it in with the coffee.

What was your most recent episode?  Who scored better in the PSATs, Rory or Paris?  Have you ever had termites?  Hockey puck rattlesnake monkey monkey underpants.  How many coffees have you had today (I’m betting it’s not as many as me)?

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Remember when Rory’s School was Tony Stark’s Dad’s House?

Warning: I have my Gilmore Geek Hat firmly pulled over my ears for this one.

In episode 3 of ABC’s Agent Carter (bear with me), Peggy pays a visit to Howard Stark’s mansion, which features a singularly familiar staircase.

Headmaster Charleston's been decorating

Recognise it?  The marble floors were once graced by Harriet Beecher Stowe and Robert Frost donated the main staircases’ banisters.

... light fittings are unchanged. But he was only short.

Watching it, I had one of those moments when I suddenly realise I’m bouncing in my seat, pointing at the TV with my tongue hanging out.  The decor is slightly different – Headmaster Charleston appears to have done some wallpapering and you certainly won’t find Lorelai and Rory’s reversed initials carved anywhere, no-sirree-bob.

It’s Chilton Preparatory School, also known as the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills, CA 90210 and is the site of one of the most noticeable uses of Sam Phillips’ la-la’s

Lorelai: Wait, wait! Look around for a second. Notice?
Rory: Notice what?
Lorelai: It’s not so scary any more.
Rory: No – it’s not.

Stupid Phone-Stalking Jess...


So I’m obviously watching Agent Carter, which has a unique flavour compared to, say, Agents of SHIELD – it’s more like an enjoyably trashy mix of Buffy and MacGyver.   The strong feminist slant is particularly apt in the current climate and fits neatly into the 1940s setting.  I’m also all caught up with Game of Thrones, eager for the new season and dragons coming in April. DRAGONS!! On the recommendations of our commenters, I have made a start on Veronica Mars and I’m also re-watching The Wire – just finished season 3.  Still the best TV drama, ever.

What else (besides Gilmore Girls) are you watching this year?  

Anybody else out there watching the same stuff as me?  I often feel very alone in my particular Venn diagram.  I’m told Americans don’t watch The Wire – can anyone confirm?

If you’re re-watching Gilmore Girls, how many times is this now?  What are you noticing that you didn’t before?

And a call out to my Gilmore Geeks – any other recent sightings of Gilmore locations or cast?

Dean and Luke: Same Thing?

Season Five: Luke and Dean are shifting Taylor Doose’s cannonballs (dirty!) and moving boxes at the old Twickham house from Taylor’s oddly spellbinding diorama. Judging by his hair – and we always judge his hair – Dean recently had a run-in with a 1970’s blow-dryer.

Dean and Luke and a special guest appearance from Bert the toolbox

In this, Dean’s final appearance in the Gilmore Girls‘ lives, he is at his most bitter yet most philosophical. He has gained and lost Rory (to Jess), only to regain and lose her again (to Logan) and can’t help but measure his lot against Luke’s nascent relationship with Lorelai.

Dean: They want more than this. Don’t you see that? And all you are is this.
Luke: Rory was a kid, Dean. She grew up. She moved on. Accept it.
Dean: You accept it! This town is all you are and it’s not enough. She’s gonna get bored and you aren’t gonna take her anywhere. You’re here, forever.
Luke: It’s different.
Dean: It’s not different. You and me. Same thing.
s05e18 To Live and Let Diorama

Like a lot of TV and movie love stories, we see the good bits – the flirting and the getting together and the temporary breaking up before the second coming – but we don’t see what happens in the end. Maybe Dean went back to college, enrolled in some clinical testing to help pay his way, becomes a think-tank boffin and makes and marries a Rory clone. Maybe Luke’s ex-girlfriend Rachel moves back to Stars Hollow and is able to give Luke the reassurances and stability he needs – then gets knocked up immediately so he can’t back out.

Where I’m going with this is: What if Dean was right about Luke and Lorelai?

We mostly acknowledge that Dean was a great first boyfriend for Rory but ultimately wasn’t the one and Dean is coming from a dark place – with his post-Rory mess of a love-life. However, he speaks from his own personal experience and despite the Bop-It Incident, I question whether he’s saying these things out of spite, to hurt Luke. I wonder whether he’s trying to be a bro, to save Luke some heartache.

Dean and Luke: Same thing?
If Luke and Lorelai became a long-term thing, which one of them would have to change more?
Or is Dean just plain wrong?

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Lorelai Gilmore as Wonder Woman: The Gilmore SuperGirls!

Milo Ventimiglia (Jess Mariano) continues his latest television run with an upcoming role in the Batman prequel series, Gotham.

He will play Jason Lennon AKA The Ogre and as you might guess from his nickname, he’s a bit of a bad egg. A devilled egg, even. Gotham‘s Ogre is described as handsome, wealthy and seductive. So far, so Christian Gray. But he’s also a serial killer preying on the young women of Gotham, seducing them, then confronting them with a series of “tests” as he searches for his perfect mate. Less Christian Gray, more Christian Bale, then. In American Psycho that is, not in real life.

So Milo goes from bad boy in Stars Hollow to bad boy in Gotham… I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I would pay good money to see Milo doing something less baddie and more funny. We know he’s got the comic chops – remember when he got beaked?  Or dressed as Luke, placing the pepper pot ever so daintily?

pepper potts

How do you think Milo would look donning the cowl and playing Batman?  This would offer up a whole other Gilmore parallel universe since Jared Padelecki (Dean Forester) was once offered the cape in Superman: FlyBy – which was eventually disbanded and superceded with 2013’s Man Of Steel.  And there was an episode of Justice League where Batman and Superman fought over Lois Lane’s affections – a natural fit for Alexis Bledel AKA ace reporter, Rory Gilmore.

I’d prefer Rory Gilmore as Barbara Gordon / Batgirl / Oracle and Lorelai would as Wonder Woman.  She ticks the boxes on so many levels – the blue eyes, the dark hair, the butt-kicking… and her shoulders in that costume… fuhgedaboutit.

wonder woman spin

I would pit them against evil genius Lex Luthor (Taylor Doose), the Riddler (Kirk) and The Joker (Emily Gilmore).  Or perhaps Emily as Black Canary because… y’know – those legs in stockings… ’nuff said.

If you’re not already watching Gotham, will you be catching up before Milo’s appearance in episode 19? At the current schedule, it’ll be aired in early March.  

Who’s in your Gilmore Superheroes cast?

Pics c/o TheWB

Lorelai Gilmore and the Mystery of the Contact Lenses

Pop quiz, hotshot. Does Lorelai wear glasses?

Answer: Yes, but we don’t see them often. She wears a thin-framed pair twice in season 2, then upgrades to a bolder frame in seasons 4 and 5. Did you notice that when Lorelai wears glasses, dogs are more likely than not to come up in conversation?

In season 2, Lorelai is not-so-secretly listening in on Rory’s phone conversation with Max – while he lists a choice of wedding rings.  Max recognises Lorelai’s panting, yelping dog noises because he’s, like, a professor and everything:


Max: Mm hmm. Put Cujo on the phone please.
Rory: One sec… [handing the phone to Lorelai] Here boy.
s02e01 Sadie, Sadie

Cujo was a crazy scary rabid dog in a Stephen King book and an 80’s horror movie … and re-appears in season 4 when Lorelai again has her glasses, in Luke’s Diner during one of his particularly prickly moods:

I haven't doctored this image, she really is that gorgeous.

Lorelai: Days. You’ve been stomping around, barking at people for days.
Luke: I have not.
Lorelai: Yes, Cujo, you have.
Luke: I always talk to people like that.
Lorelai: No, Benji, you don’t.
Luke: I’ll be fine tomorrow.
Lorelai: Really, Lassie? Why is that?
s04e05 The Fundamental Things Apply

Cujo:2, every other movie dog: 1

For the sake of completeness, behold the other two spectacular outings: From season 2’s Secrets and Loans (Luke gives Lorelai a loan, Lane forgets her pom) and season 5’s We Got Us a Pippi Virgin! (Lorelai discovers the explanation behind Richard’s spangly waistcoat, Emily acquires a panic room).  Relatedly, Lane briefly appears WITHOUT glasses in the Pippi episode as she, Zack and Brian shave and brush their teeth around the kitchen sink.  Co-incidence?  No such thing as co-incidence, my friend.



Second pop quiz! Does Lorelai wear contact lenses?

This one’s a trick question.  In the pilot episode, Lorelai appears to wear contacts:

Sookie: I can’t afford a new stove! Those things are expensive.
Lorelai: Sookie, please, I am begging you, please, pull yourself together, OK? I got no sleep last night and I think I put my contacts in backwards.

But 18 episodes later, she appears to forget:

Rachel: Do you wear contacts?
Lorelai: Me? No.
Rachel: God, you’ve got amazing eyes. (to Luke) Doesn’t she?
Luke: Oh, yeah. Sure, I guess… I mean, they’re, you know, placed good… symmetrical. I’m gonna get some more coffee.
Rachel: Yeah.

What do you think, conspiracy theorists? Was Lorelai abducted by aliens and switched out mid-season for a clone with perfect vision? Was she temporarily befuddled by Rachel blatantly coming on to her (‘You’ve got amazing eyes’ – COME ON)? Was her ‘backwards contacts’ comment just a flippant statement for comedic value? Rumour has it, there is precedent for this.

Did she get LASIK but continue to wear glasses because they – somehow – make her even sexier? On second thoughts, she can’t have had LASIK or we’d have had this play out in reverse…

driving miss gilmore...

Theories welcomed below.  Also, which were your favourite pair of glasses and do you think she looked better, worse or just different? What about Lane and her glasses: Better with… or without?  That’s with… or without?  And did you see what I did with ‘spectacular’ back there?

Pics c/o TheWB

How Lauren Graham Found Out Gilmore Girls was Cancelled

Last week, Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore) was interviewed on Late Night with Seth Meyers talking about the series finale of Parenthood.


There’s a wonderful moment (from the 1 minute 40 second mark) where Seth mentions Gilmore Girls for the first time in the interview and the live studio audience erupts into a spontaneous ovation of whooping and hollering. It gave me tingles.  Check it out:

She talks about how with Parenthood, they knew it was the end, so everyone had a chance to appreciate the moment, sentimentalize and have some closure. Whereas Gilmore Girls was quite the opposite.

Lauren: I was in a restaurant and I had turned my phone off, cause that’s polite. The waiter comes to the table and he was like, ‘Are you Lauren Graham?’ I was like, ‘Yes!’ He goes, ‘Your agent’s on the phone!’ I thought I was in a ’40s movie or something. I was like, walking to the house phone. I was like, ‘Hello?’ and he goes [grubby voice] ‘It’s cancelled,’ and that’s how I found out that it was the end.

Depressing, right?

I had the same feeling watching the DVD Extra which features Keiko Agena (Lane Kim) filming a behind-the-scenes day of filming Gilmore Girls. She has a live crew following her around makeup, her trailer, the sets and her dialogue training and she keeps saying it’s her last day on season 7 – but she doesn’t realise it’s her last day of shooting on Gilmore Girls, EVER. Her day doesn’t end in tears or with any fanfare, she just has a little hug with Todd Lowe (Zack Van Gerbig) at the end of their kitchen scene and that’s it. She goes back to her trailer then presumably heads off into the sunset on her hotwickedcool motorbike.

The end really did come out of the blue.  But rather than lament the loss, I’m looking forward to the ATX Reunion later this year.

Do you whoop every time someone mentions Gilmore Girls? I do hope it’s not just me.  Just how upset are you that there may never be another episode?  Did you watch that DVD extra amazed at how fast they were spitting out the lines by the end of the coaching?  Crazy crazy stuff…

Pic c/o LateNightWithSethMeyer