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what's the worst that could happen?Have you come across the Gilmore Girls Movie Project?

c/o @GGmovieIt’s an online petition whose noble purpose is to demonstrate a collective desire to know what happened next, to those characters that made a family of sorts.  Indeed for many of us, these characters became part of our own family and history too: Taylor Doose the nutty uncle, Dean the moody cousin and Lorelai the best friend / mom / woman ever.  It would be fulfilling to bring Amy Sherman-Palladino back and gain some closure in a way the final season didn’t quite manage.

Check out their YouTube video for the cause and why not add your name to the list?  What’ve you got to lose?  With a current goal of a mere 500 signatures (180 to go), show some love…

Link to The Gilmore Girls Movie Project.

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The Last Four Words of the Gilmore Girls Movie

matching pouts

Part of the Gilmore Girls mythos is that the show’s creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has the last four words rattling around in her head.  Words that she would have written, had the studio kept her for the final series or asked her to write the final episode.

ASP: When the negotiations [for the final season] got so crazy we thought, Maybe we’re high? Maybe they don’t want it for the next couple of years. But by not having control of that, it shifts the focus of what my last words would have been. I was also holding on to it for a long time because I was thinking if we did do a movie, I would be able to use it there. I don’t think that’s ever going to happen so, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll eventually say the four words. I feel like now I’ll let people down because it’s been so built up. “Really? That’s what we waited all these twelve years for? Well, thanks so much.”

Quote from a terrific interview at Vulture.

Since that quote, we’ve had the Veronica Mars kickstarter and the subsequent outpouring of Gilmore love in response.  We’re also going through this weird Bunheads hiatus and I can’t see ASP twiddling her thumbs waiting for inspiration. Somewhere out there, I’m thinking ideas are knitting together. JK Rowling wrote the final chapter of the seventh Harry Potter book long before the first was even typed up. Gah, it’s such a tease! I can’t help thinking that if you know the destination, you’ve got some idea about the journey.

What do you think those final four words might be?  And who says them?  Get your thinking hats on and browse these last lines of Gilmores past for inspiration:

Series 5:

Lorelai: Luke will you marry me?
Luke: … What?

s05e22 A House Is Not A Home

Series 4:

Rory: I hate you for ruining this for me!
[Rory runs out of the house and calls Dean’s mobile phone. His wife answers.]
Lindsay: Hello? Hello? Hello?

s04e22 Raincoats And Recipes

Series 2: Lorelai and Rory at Sookie and Jackson’s wedding.  Both have been knocked askew, Rory from kissing Jess and Lorelai from Christopher’s news that Sherry is pregnant and his immediate departure.

Rory: I think I’m going to Washington.
Lorelai: Oh… Okay.

s02e22 I Can’t Get Started

Series 3: Rory’s graduated from Chilton and they’re about to leave the building for the last time.

Lorelai: It’s not so scary any more.
Rory: No. No, it’s not.

S03e22 Those Are Strings, Pinocchio

My guess?

Lorelai (to Luke): It’s never too late.

or maybe

Kirk: Help? Help somebody please?

Gilmore Girls Movie: Could Kickstarter Make it Happen?

Lauren Graham Paleyfest 2013

When I heard the news that the Veronica Mars movie may be happening, thanks to the show runner Rob Thomas and main star Kristen Bell backing it on Kickstarter, I immediately tweeted that we may have renewed hope for a Gilmore Girls Movie… if only Amy Sherman-Palladino could spearhead the same thing. Many of you also voiced the same hope. 

Well, apparently many of you also asked Lauren Graham about it on Twitter! Lauren responded to the world that she has heard all the requests (which I’m sure have been many), saying:

She didn’t downright shoot down the idea… so, hopefully Amy gets wind of the idea and is inspired by the success that Veronica Mars has had in raising MORE than they needed! I would back the Gilmore Girls movie, wouldn’t you?!

Lauren Graham even later joked in reference to the movie again…

What would you want from a Gilmore Girls movie?

A couple of us have been spitballing on-going story ideas in the comments for ‘Would Rory have a Kindle’ thread and I’m drawn to wonder, what would be on your wishlist for a Gilmore Girls movie? More more MORE Lorelai and Rory goes without saying, but then what else?

pleeeeease bring them back

Was there ever a character combo you longed for, but never got, say… Michel and Gigi – who’d win that catfight? Nudge my memory, did Chris and Jess ever share a scene? They were both at Sookie and Jackson’s wedding, but I only remember Jess seeking out Rory… Or a pairing you wanted to see more of? I for one could do with seeing Sookie at full tilt in her kitchen again.

Joss Whedon would kill off Jackson. Or Mrs Kim.

We’ve all chewed on our fists as the Palladinos edged toward some happy state of affairs only to snatch it away with Luke needing space or Logan being an ass or Emily being Emily – would that feature in a movie or edge it into melodrama? Perhaps a Thanksgiving / Christmas two-parter special rather than a feature-length?

I like the idea of the town pulling together to help Taylor. And now I want to see Kirk drive into Luke’s again – flash flash flash… gotta have some slapstick. BIG HOLE!

Surely we can’t break Luke and Lorelai up for the sake of a happy reconciliation in the final reel… or can we? Maybe Luke has another Rachel in the closet, ooh – his first love comes back to Stars Hollow, sending Lorelai into a flat spin – while Max’s fiancee has booked them a couple of nights at the Dragonfly… drama!

Would someone find themselves on a journey and becoming better for it (hard to type that without sounding like Stewie Griffin)? Maybe Emily comes to terms with the idea of life without Richard – perhaps he’s already gone – oh no, that’s too sad, I’m washing my mouth out with soap. What would it take for Emily to, even resentfully, accept an extended modern family, with Gigi and whoever Rory’s dating now and April?

Kirk makes a couple of million dollars on some crazy investment deal and somehow loses it by the end.

No ground rules here, no stupid ideas. Just… what would you want? What do you need?

Jared Padalecki Would Make a Gilmore Girls Movie

Jared Padalecki (Dean Forester on Gilmore Girls) was recently interviewed by Zap2it about the current state of Supernatural and his thoughts on a potential Gilmore Girls movie.


As Jared shares in the interview, he considers himself to be a very loyal person. For that reason, we won’t see him vacating his fans on Supernatural, just like he would support Gilmore Girls fans again, if it came to it. Would Jared Padalecki make a Gilmore Girls movie?

“One hundred percent!” he says. “I would love to. I really would truly love to. It was so fun. I have nothing but fond memories of that show. I came to it straight out of high school, I grew up on the show, and I’d love to go revisit that character.”

We love you Jared, thanks for all the continued support to your fans! :)

David Sutcliffe Talks “Gilmore Girls” Movie Possibility

Following my own two-part interview with David Sutcliffe (Christopher Hayden on Gilmore Girls), We Love Soaps also had an interview series with him. The third part, in particular, is all about Gilmore Girls.

David talks about how it was to work through some of Christopher’s more difficult scenes as well as giving us some insight into who he thought the character to be.

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: In season seven of the show there was a climatic nonverbal scene between you and Scott Patterson. Christopher and Luke battled it in the Town Square in a very tragic, yet comedic scene. What was that like?

David Sutcliffe: It was fun. They wanted a real intense fight. They did cut it down much shorter than how it was originally written. It was quite a battle. It was like working on an action show. We had stunt coordinators in there, we were all padded up. Scott is a big strong guy, and an athlete. I’m a big strong guy, and an athlete, so we were having a ball with that. We wanted to get into it.

It was also interesting because Scott and I were friendly, but we knew what our roles were on the show. There was a subtle rivalry between us, not as people, but as our characters. The opportunity to play that out in the fight was satisfying for both of us. Ultimately it bonded us. I think Scott would say the same thing. I always say that fighting is intimacy. I’ve always said to women who ask me about wrestling that wrestling is intimacy. That is often the way men express their affection toward each other.

David also talks about any unfinished developments in Christopher’s character at the end of the series. And, of course, he addresses the question of a Gilmore Girls movie. Although he feels the question is up to Amy Sherman-Palladino, he’d be all in!

It would be fun. I love those girls, I love all the people on that show. When you’re in the middle of something, creating 22 episodes a year, and you are there 14-15 hours a day, it’s so difficult to have perspective on what it is you are accomplishing and how special it is. I remember to both Lauren and Alexis, “You’re going to someday look back on this and realize ‘holy shit, we really did something here.’ But it will take some time.” I think that feeling might be the thing that allows them the space to consider making a movie.

Gilmore Girls Trending on Twitter

As of right now, Gilmore Girls is trending on Twitter.

This means that, right now there are a TON of people searching the term “Gilmore Girls” on twitter – so many that Twitter has identified it as a hot topic. Pretty cool, no?

Digging back through the tweets, it’s not clear why the trend started happening, but it’s clear that people are THRILLED that it did. It started a lot of people talking about how much they love the show and how much they want a Gilmore Girls movie.

Spread the Gilmore Girls love! If a movie happens, it will be because of moments like these :)