What a Year It’s Been


What a very special year it’s been, especially in our little corner of the world.

In A Year In The Life we finally received those last four words. Better still, they came with six hours of (mostly wonderful and frequently perfect) content that some of us have waited an entire decade for. I count myself lucky that I only had to wait five years since I arrived late to the party but those were five – long – years. If it wasn’t for you lot, I’d have gone nuts. Double nuts, even. Thank you for holding my hand through it. Well done us.

And who’d have ever thought that Rory’s storyline would have caused so much upset? It felt like some viewers would rather not have had the new episodes at all. Have the new episodes broken Gilmore Girls for these viewers completely, in the same way that Tom Cruise broke Dawson’s Creek because now you can’t even look at Joey Potter (played by Tom Cruise’s now ex-wife Katie Holmes) without thinking about him?

Still, it’s certainly been controversial which is not a bad thing. For ratings.

Plus Amy Sherman-Palladino finds a previously undiscovered high gear with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Available right now on Amazon Prime, this show dazzles with writing, an astonishing cast and accelerated Sherman-Palladino comedy stylings. A second season is already on the way.

And snow.

Here in my pocket of the UK we were blessed with just the right amount of snow last weekend. Enough to open the curtains and have your breath taken away with Lorelai’s glowy sense of wonder – but not enough to have to dig the Jeep out on Monday morning. I feel like I need to re-watch the Winter episode. Perhaps this will become one of my annual rituals, like watching A Muppet Family Christmas (‘mind the icy patch’) and Elf (‘… I didn’t know you had elves working here’).

Well anyway in case I don’t see you before, Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. And for 2018 I wish you peace, love and interesting times. Catch you on the flip side.

We finally got new Gilmore Girls! That’s great! … It is great, right?
Is anyone re-watching Winter because it’s Winter? How is it the second (/third/fourth) time?
Would you rather have not had the new episodes? Have the new episodes ruined the original ones?
Even with his checked shirt and notepad, Paul Anka doesn’t look like Luke without a cap in the same way that Luke doesn’t look like Luke without a cap.  Discuss.

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Rich originally began contributing to GIlmore News as 'Dairyman' in 2013, a reference to the character Dairyman Dick in Tess of the D'Urbervilles, (call me Rich). Here in the UK we were late to the Gilmore party and I don't remember what made me watch my first episode - the one where Lorelai picks Rory up from the police station after she and Logan steal a yacht - but I remember watching it again immediately. And then again. Thankfully, the next show was on the next day and I watched that one three times too. And then the boat one again. I couldn't believe the dialogue was so quick and so funny and I pretended to myself that I was only watching it so I could figure out who I was more keen on - the mom or the daughter. I swore that Aaron Sorkin must have been involved but I couldn't find his name attached anywhere, even on the internet. So I watched and loved and laughed and cried and the day after the series finale, they ran the entire show from the beginning again and Rory turned into a baby so then I was all about Lorelai. Lauren Graham is astonishing ("Mother: Breathtaking") and the show was - and is - lightning in a bottle. It's a treasure for those who watch and get swept up in it, like I did and like the readers of Gilmore News. It's heartbreak and chicken soup, family dysfunction and blind optimism, lighthearted romanticism and balls-out brilliant. Thanks to Arieanna and gilmorenews.com for letting me squat and allowing my inner Gilmore Geek out for air. I worry how it would otherwise manifest.

29 thoughts on “What a Year It’s Been

  • December 12, 2017 at 2:18 pm

    I have a backlog of half written posts that I’m holding off finishing until certain readers have finished the new episodes (mcityrk I’m looking at you) so keep me posted. I’m not sure I can wait another five years to properly express my concerns about Kirk owning a piglet.

  • December 12, 2017 at 4:51 pm

    Some folks will only slowly watch the four new episodes because they have the patience to savor the experience. In my case it is a little more cynical. Since I had my own version for where the Girls had gone as of about 4 years ago and I kind of liked that version, I am in no hurry to see the new episodes and overwrite my version. However, I am sure I will eventually get there if for no other reason than to see if I can see a plot path that carries from the start of Rory’s bus trip, through my early 2013 version where both Girls were on a positive plateau, to the great walkabout for Rory in the last several years leading up to the ASP revival.

  • December 12, 2017 at 5:31 pm

    I just picked up the DVD set yesterday. I’m going to watch the season 7 finale first to reset my brain. It’ll be interesting to see the effect of a 10 year gap. I’ll be throwing in my 2 cents later.

    As far as folks being disappointed – well, that’s always a danger with a sequel. Especially when you have strong feelings about how you want things to turn out. I remember reading the comments before the sequel came out. People were so excited about getting the ending “that they deserved”. I kept telling myself – some of you folks are probably going to get a big surprise. You’re going to get the ending that Amy and Dan gives you. It’s one of those “be careful what you wish for” deals :)

    I’ve done a good job of avoiding spoilers. I have no great expectations of how things are going to turn out. I’m just looking forward to seeing the old gang again – and what happens, happens.

    So, from the good ol’ wacky USA, Happy Holidays to all (:-D

  • December 13, 2017 at 11:57 pm

    Having looked at Amazon today, there seems to be a “Year in” only version available in the UK. About time!

  • December 14, 2017 at 5:56 am

    And just in time for the holiday season! Thanks Lathany!
    Nice to see you Regis, have a good one.
    Mcityrk I just read Dark Matter, a good light sci-fi book about parallel universes. It could ALL be canon ;O)

  • December 14, 2017 at 4:26 pm

    Cool, a political idiocy free day courtesy of the state of Alabama! Guess I get to view the winter episode sometime this week!!

  • December 16, 2017 at 8:47 pm

    Hi Rich-

    Having now seen the winter episode a few times was thinking about starting to post and remembered the great winter episode summary you tucked into the archives about a year ago. To my surprise could not find it. Did it get pulled for some reason??

    As you might expect, a bit of a mixed review from me. Loved most of the nuanced small moments that paid homage to the original series, from the opening la-la-las while the DVD was initializing, to the updating voice overs that let us hear from an old friend, to any and all moments with the troubadour [particularly the territorial rantings and the melodic new songs], to the Digger/Omlats burying of the hatchet, the first Taylor/Luke shared agreement in many a moon, and the ever present mania that is Paris.

    Less thrilled with the oxygen depleting bad knock-knock joke know as Paul and what that said about Rory’s current attitude towards men, Lorelai’s confession at the funeral after-party about her serial promiscuity long before she was with Christopher [Is it any wonder Emily was constantly on pins and needles??], and the ridiculous current social references [gooped, pop-up chefs, Ooo.oo.ober] that worked poorly if at all.

    The biggest gripe of course would be the character assassination of the Girls by 1000 paper cuts as their flaws get put on full display and their IQ’s are diminished over time [Rory’s lying about her living situation and apparent feeling of entitlement to succeed in her writing, Laurelai’s failure to have a meaningful discussion with Luke in close to a decade about how they see their future] . Kind of reminded me of the treatment previously reserved for Dean, Max, and Digger when it was time for them to exit stage left. And maybe that was part of the point, ASP letting us know it is time for her to move on to stories about other characters.

    And of course even if I hate it by the time I finish the complete revival, that in no way diminishes the pleasure obtained from watching the previous entire series.

    Well enough for a first pass. Best of the holidays to you and all others who still check in here from time to time–

    • December 17, 2017 at 11:48 pm

      I’ve sent the link to Rich’s review – but that’s now in moderation. (Rich – help?)

  • December 17, 2017 at 2:36 pm

    I’m still yet to watch the new episodes but plan to in the New Year hopefully. I think so many people felt let down by Rory’s story line because she (and we) were spoon fed such a bright future for her from start to finish. To find out that hasn’t happened is surely a bit of an initial disappointment? I think Amy Sherman-Palladino has tried to keep things real though. Rory wasn’t perfect – no one is. She worked hard but actually got a lot handed out to her too. A lot of people make plans for the future, but it doesn’t always pan out that way – be that due to circumstance or personal flaws. It would be interesting to see where the new episodes go if they ever get the go ahead. I really must set time aside to watch the new ones rather than reading reviews though!

  • December 19, 2017 at 6:07 pm

    Oops, my mistake, I did not realize there was a second page in the Nov 2016 archives which clearly does have the winter review as well as the full revival review.

    A few secondary thoughts on the winter episode. The idea of the ride-sharing service was pretty interesting, I was just driven to distraction by the never ending insistence on modifying the pronunciation of Uber. That bit did allow us to get Kirk to a Gilmore Friday night dinner with some comic relief sparing the Girls some unwanted attention from Emily, and the consistent car trouble got Luke there as well to almost receive the stare-down of all time for the crime of considering hijacking the king’s chair. And Kirk’s revisionist history attempt to obtain plausible deniability for trademark infringement was pretty funny. Additionally, while I suspect it was more circumstantial then deliberate, I found it amusing that Rory’s code word for Logan of “Didi” matches the name of the Chinese ride-sharing company that actually sent Uber packing from China with their tail between their legs.

    As for the Paris hijinks, thought they missed a chance for a couple of howlers. When Luke was freaking out at the “consultation” and asked about the price for her services, I expected after her comment about a “mondo discount” that she would follow it up with the continuation “even a treble mondo discount if you pay in BitCoin or Columbian coffee futures” in keeping with her Pablo Escobar persona. And just after discussing her “Doyle situation” with Rory on the walk to Lane’s I half expected her to go full Pete Townshend on the drums or guitar amplifiers when she heard the never ending refrain of “I’m the Man” lyrics from Hep Alien.

    For what it is worth I liked the episode better on the second than first viewing so maybe over time it will grow on me–

  • December 21, 2017 at 3:46 am

    Yoyoyo (or Hohoho) – apologies for not moderating proficiently! Glad you found the page in the end mcityrk and Christmas cookies to Lathany for being a good neighbour.
    Moonface – hello and thanks for dropping in! Get to it when you get to it :O’) Reviews are tricky since they set expectation however you can’t know anything truly without having lived it – and isn’t that the point of living? To go through it? The opposite would be to live your life through reviews, as if through a proxy? Better to live moment to moment, since that’s all we really have. Speaking of which I only just saw It’s A Wonderful Life for the first time last week. I was a big wet mess at the end of it.
    Happy Yule Y’all!

  • December 21, 2017 at 10:20 am


    Thanks for the heads up, without it I would not have gone back for a second look and found the missing page-

    • December 21, 2017 at 11:37 pm

      You’re welcome.

      Happy Christmas all!

  • December 28, 2017 at 11:29 pm

    AYITL- Winter Episode – As seen through the prism of “The Ghosts of Gilmore’s Past”

    After one final pass through the Winter Episode figured I’d make one final post before heading on to the spring Episode. This one falls under the heading of “The Ghosts of Gilmore’s Past” in keeping with the Dickens thematic of the season and the Palladino’s love of recycling/reworking old bits that played well the first time through. So away we go—

    The opening rat-a-tat prologue at the town square pagoda is a nice melding of the pilot prologue [without the best one liners, as Rory refs with “how long since they’d done that” comment] and the Rory/Lorelai reunion at the Hartford airport [minus the spin-a-rama]. Good to see the Girls in fine form. Then random chit-chat leading to the chase scene reminiscent of Rory from Jess. Then Lorelai discussing Kirk’s ride-sharing fantasy so similar to most of Kirk’s other frivolous schemes. Finally the re-meeting of the Girls to discuss Kirk’s new pet pig [Kirk’s always funny dealing with undisciplined animals and safer to have a pig running away from Kirk than a cat attacking Kirk], rediscovering the pleasure of reading the SH gazette, and then a breath of snow……Break out the Troubadour with great timing and melodies to bring the whole scene home.

    And home it is to see Luke with his hyperbolic taking-over of Richard’s never-ending cheerleading for Rory, except of course Rory is now more than a little taken aback. Then the requisite Luke/Girls diatribe about what is proper eating, the Rory/Laurelai fashion hunt and mocking of Rory’s apartment [can you say Do-Wop group downstairs??]. Finally, everything comes to a screeching halt with the appearance of an unexpected/forgotten guest for dinner [more on that later].

    Then to the master bedroom with the never deleting accumulation of Laurelai movie choices, and a bad dream interrupted by a tap-dancing Rory downstairs [in cha-cha-cha mode to get away from a sleeping Paul much like Laurelai’s attempt to get away from a sleeping Max in years gone by….so daughter like mother!!] And of course supplemental coffee and cake to catch-up on the problems and plans of the day with a final toast to the now departed Richard.

    Now it’s on to the diner with the never ending Luke/Taylor headbutting, the Girls appearance highlighted by more cheerleading, and Kirk declaring victory on his new idea [Mission Accomplished anyone??] only to be shot down by flying pastry [bring on the deviled eggs!]. And then, crap, crap, crap, where is Mister Invisible [a significantly watered-down version of early Marty] twice in five minutes. And what’s this, a Sookie-less Dragonfly with a seriously uptight Michele, a Lorelai lamenting the disappearance of her favorite coffee maker, and a kitchen staff soon to be looking for new-employment. Ah the comfortable predictability—

    But on to the heart of the matter, a family night dinner. However, what is Laurelai to do with Gypsy currently holding her car hostage?? Bring on Kirk and the Carpenters, a slightly late Rory leading Laurelai to stall entering the mansion, and a Gypsy doppleganger plus many as Emily’s waitstaff. And then of course the obligatory argument between Emily and Laurelai [Potter reference] over something silly [this time the oversized Richard painting] thus generating an admonishment to Laurelai to forget this episode and speak kindly when Emily’s funeral occurs.

    Then we get a Laurelai/Rory rehash of the funeral with all its’ solemnity, the doings after at the house with Rory bird-dogging Emily [much like Emily for Richard at Trix’s funeral], the Laurelai/Jason long-overdue reconnect, the continued hiring of Berta, and the Rory/Luke vamoose with Laurelai staying [a smiling Emily!]. But unknown to Rory no good deed goes unpunished as a little alcohol and unfortunate timing lead Laurelai to make her most shocking confession of past transgressions with her subsequent banishment from the mansion [Full Freaking Circle].

    Back to now, we get Rory gently suggest alternatives to possible Richard stories and seemingly genuinely indifferent to Laurelai’s history pre-Chris [that one was hard to believe!!]. Then dinner commences with a stranded Kirk in attendance, a dinner menu like Luke’s during his customer ejection phase, Kirk as official taste-tester [peanut butter similar to Luke’s burnt toast anyone], and Emily questioning Rory’s living arrangements. Finally Luke arrives to Uber Kirk and Laurelai back to SH, almost getting vaporized for considering using Richard’s chair, and settling in to finish the meal. A little Kirk/Gooooooaaaaaalllll hijinks ensues [can you say Easter Egg Scream] and it’s back to the hallows we go.

    Now almost a full hour in we get to the heart of the Laurelai/Luke relationship. Highly pragmatic as always, Luke is satisfied if not completely content and feels no need to push his luck. Laurelai [finally??] feels a bit guilty and wants to assess possibilities that further fulfill Luke and by association herself. Hijinks with Paris are perpetuated with the consideration of surrogate services she could expedite leaving Luke all WTH and Paris’s assistant looking for a new job [a bit like Paris hectoring clients during her tutoring days]. Paris has grown from being a self-centered, driven, elitist to a self-centered, driven, swarmy elitist [Pablo Escabar, really???.]

    Shifting venues, we get Rory in London with NS [hellion in arms] and the possibility of a BBD book contract. Psyched, Rory heads to an old friend with the good news and gets some encouragement with a promise of much, much more [Las Vegas vs just keeping it casual from the old days]. Further Invisible Man craps, [GTBUWTG!!].

    Back to the Hollow, Paris ambushes Luke with potential surrogates [Yikes, get me Lorelai Michele, NOW!!!]. Rory drops into diner, sees Paris, and distracts her from Luke by heading to Lane’s. With Paris in tow and ranting about Doyle’s work [art imitates life] the Doyle situation is fully parsed. Paris thinks she will kill him in court, with/without Rory perjury, much like Emily’s requested deposition of Laurelai for her multiple maid firings. Back to the diner we get a Luke/Taylor good cop / bad cop routine for the WiFi password, permitting Luke to give Taylor some slack on the sewers [kind of like the Museum/Twickham settlement].

    A delightful appearance by Hep Alien [all truly look 10 years older], with Rory enjoying and Paris questioning Lane on the kids genesis. Surprised she did not get shown the door but suppose rocking out is more fun than arguing so Paris gets a pass. A quick phone check by Rory with Lorelai on dry-cleaning is negative but leads to a suggestion to brew up a thaw with Emily [The student surpasses the master ….. references back to days of Rosanne].

    To initiate the thaw Lorelai drops by Emily’s mansion to find it in mid estate-sale mode and Emily looking bohemian like Fanny from Bunheads. Lorelai questions the timing of these swift lifetime change decisions, counsels slowing-down, and gets agreement on a therapist rather than an argument…A FIRST!!!

    Back to SH for tying up loose ends, we see the Troubador driving off competition [his sister??], Paul Anka as a Luke clone, shutting the door on Paris services, a Kirk distancing from OooOoOber, and the return of a working yellow jeep. Finally, Laurelai takes an Emily call in real time and is so pleased with Emily’s thanks and her therapist decision that she inadvertently slips into agreeing to a joint session [with Luke trying to wave her off, OWTPA!!]. And exit stage left to a chorus of Here It Comes Again!!
    After three passes it continues to grow on me, and despite what I am sure will be plotlines that bring a significant tisk, tisk, the setup and execution are extraordinary, and of course their characters, their right to execute their story ending.

    • January 31, 2018 at 11:12 am

      Blimey mcityrk, take a breath! I’m looking forward to a re-watch.

  • January 8, 2018 at 9:37 pm

    AYITL- Spring Episode – Alas it’s not the hoped for “Spring forward” episode, it’s the Paladino preference to “Spring back”, particularly by characters reverting to old self-destructive behavior–

    Made two passes through this episode, liking it fairly well through the first pass, but then seeing with greater clarity the chinks in the armor on the second pass.

    Open up with a recurring theme, the Therapist visits are nothing but a ploy by Emily to pick/pick/pick at Lorelai and pay someone to validate her beliefs [keeping score vs running out the clock in deadly silence vs humongous guilt tripping]. Occasional humor but mostly just hammering on known problems and even making up a fictitious one [the “Lorelai’ letter, probably written by TRIX if it existed at all] with both parties childishly insisting on getting the final word to end the sessions. We’ve seen this dynamic before during the run of the series in much more interesting ways. And of course Emily’s never ending worry that Lorelai is insufficiently grounded because she and Luke are not married is always just moments away from erupting!

    The town goings are mostly familiar, a food festival that looks great but causes consternation for Taylor and Kirk due to its perceived shortcomings; Mrs. Kim’s newest group performing out of sync; an absurd Lorelai basket bidding; nice cameo appearances from Jackson and da-da-da Mr. Kim, and Luke pointing out Kirk’s hypocrisy in the treatment of pigs.

    Meanwhile in the old UK we find Rory realizing the depths of NS craziness/paranoia and trying [unsuccessfully] to keep the narrative of the book on track. While blowing off steam about NS while eating lunch with Logan, an old familiar face [Mitchem] blows through, freaks Rory tremendously even though he is being nominally courteous and potentially helpful, and opens up her old insecurity wounds to pile onto her current problems. [Really was hoping by this time that she could more than hold her own with Mitchem.] Then while later getting Logan’s opinion about a lower-tier just-in-case job offer [SandeeSays] she learns of Odette’s planed arrival and her disappointment is palpable.

    Back in SH we get the obligatory town meeting highlighting Taylor’s obsession with Woodbury’s better economy, a subsequent whining about the quality of “b-lister” guests at the Dragonfly, a tone-deaf discussion of social issues, and the near revelation of the “secret bar”. This all leads Lorelai back to the Inn, triggering her paranoia about losing her second partner Michelle who believes the business has peaked and may now be looking for alternate employment. This results in another Paul Anka dream which she immediately shares with Rory and a final aside about missing best friends and having to settle on just having their respective angry friends [Michelle and Paris]. And then later while L & L are trying to chill out at a SH movie night, we first see Kirk’s second movie [noticeable fall-off from the first], followed by an Emily call demanding Luke’s solo presence at a Friday night dinner.

    To protect her interests, Lorelai tags along to the appointed dinner leaving Emily furious and Rory arrives later in anticipation of tomorrow’s alumni day at Chilton further complicating the dynamic. Emily insists on a private conversation with Luke and lays out “Richards plan” including financial support for the old idea of franchising Luke’s. [Why doesn’t Luke say “Thanks, but no thanks” and end the nonsense? Talk about unwittingly backsliding to old behavior patterns.]. Lorelai’s reaction on hearing this news – “Not going to happen.” Finally, a believable reaction!!

    Ah to Chilton time, do we finally get a positive reprieve from all the insecurity? Rory and Paris meet, run into the old HMC, and exchange both pleasantries [Rory] or veiled accusations [Paris]. As expected Rory’s session in front of the class is uplifting while Paris session is straight from Darwin. Re-meeting and heading to lunch, there is a Tristan sighting which triggers a panic attack in Paris and a dive into the rest room to dissect her insecurity as the “Invisible Girl”. Francie now arrives to up the paranoia leading Paris to verbally attack all present including Rory. A cyclonic chorus of “Shut up, no you shut up” ensues leading Francie to vamoose and Paris to spill about her missing Doyle. One final trek to the HMC’s office leads to a generous [if possibly overly sympathetic] offer to Rory for a teaching position of her choosing at Chilton. While she appreciates the offer that she quickly declines and assures HMC that she is doing well, we know better. A final breath of humor lightens the moment as a mop up session begins to pacify the students traumatized by Paris’s lecture.

    Next we get to see Paris at home with Rory while awaiting her kids who are out with Doyle. There are complaints about the ease of navigating the multiple floor apartment and how it repels keeping a reliable nanny. When Doyle arrives and mentions some minimal email contact with Rory, Paris kicks into hyper-paranoia and wonders if Rory is Doyle’s new interest. To ease the tension, Rory takes the kids out to the park for lunch, and while out is inundated with recruitment spam from SandeeSays leading her to make an off-hours call to Logan requesting a good word from Mitchem in generating some interviews [wounded pride?]. Apparently this strategy works as we next see Rory taking a perfunctory interview at a magazine and getting a read on who they might want to hire and how/what needs to be pitched. Upon interview completion and as she leaves, Rory immediately recognizes that she was nothing more than an item on their to-do list to check off as they move swiftly to their next task.

    Back to the therapy sessions, we find that Emily has called it quits since she isn’t getting what she paid for allowing Lorelai to have her own private session and giving us more depth on Richard’s passing [quick and angry] with no subsequent closure for the Girls. Additionally, there is some discussion about Lorelai’s marriage status and a brief nod to Christopher as her only husband, but the lament that it should have always been Luke. Sad of course, but nice to know that some of season seven resonated with ASP and wasn’t just a Whovian alternate time-line.

    Simultaneously with the cancelled therapy session, Emily, with real estate consultant in hand, ambushes Luke at the diner and bullies him into immediate action on the franchising idea. Luke did not realize that the joint sessions had been canceled and in zombie like fashion accompanies Emily on her distressed property tour. Arriving back home, Luke finds Lorelai in movie watching mode [Mortenson as Luke clone], asks her how her session went, and catches her lying about the occurrence of the joint session.

    Back to Rory who is at Paris’s apartment baby-sitting the kids, we hear the NS legal team pulling the plug on the book, demanding a waiver and all meeting notes, and in general just ticking her off. In response, Rory decides to offer a “writing-on-spec” idea to the last group she interviewed with and they readily accept since it costs them nothing. Rory checks in with Lorelai while madly tap dancing away, pitches her “lines anyone” idea to Lorelai and suggests that she join her in NYC for a little R & R. Lorelai jumps at the chance.

    As the line-sitting marathon ensues, we see Lorelai repeat her “first day at Yale” behavior by subversively circumventing in-line protocol to score cool pastries [MW cameo] and even cooler shoes [to Rory’s amazement and the best bit of the episode]. And after some snark about those in line, Lorelai calls it a day due to “barking puppies” and heads back to the hotel for a rest and some room service. Left alone, Rory continues her task chatting up a group of comic-com attendees.

    As the evening continues we see Lorelai relaxing only to be interrupted by a returning Rory. Picking up on the weirdness, Lorelai questions how the rest of the day went and we get the “Wookie incident” confession. While some attempts were made to downgrade the incident with humor, Rory quickly breaks down and owns up to all her problems, lagging carreer, no apartment, failing love-life including the ID of Didi as Logan and Rory’s surprise that Lorelai had not figured that fact out. Some minor Mom advice/admonishment follows [Why?, married? Odette?, Paul?, etc?] ending in “This is not you” with Rory’s wail of despair about being nothing but “A wookie-humping loser”!

    And just when you think she has hit bottom, Rory takes a desperation swing at an interview with SandeeSays only to fail badly and to be abruptly put in her place by the know-it-all CEO of a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately social website who reneges on previous recruitment efforts. That she inadvertently lumps Rory in with her perception of “comic-con losers” is the final knock-out blow to the Gilmore princess from the previous dark-overlord princess of Bunheads [Julia Telles or “Sasha” in a brilliant cameo]. So much better plotline than the season five yacht club boat ride for taking Rory back to ground zero!!

    And it’s to ground zero we go as Rory tucks tails and moves everything back home to SH. This time it looks like Lorelai will not react in “tough-love” mode—

    Conclusions: This was a dense/loaded episode almost like the first two episodes of season 1. And while it was great to see the Girls again I was hoping for some reasonable growth and not just treading water or even reversion to prior personal deficiencies. But can’t win ‘em all. On to summer—–

    • January 31, 2018 at 11:16 am

      Another no holds barred helicopter ride of a review, you spoil us :)

  • February 2, 2018 at 12:29 am

    AYITL – Summer Episode – Oh those lazy, hazy, crazy days…..

    For what it is worth, we never saw summer in the original series since plotlines were school-year centric, only seeing plans leading into summer, reports of what happened after the fact, or a quick Rory/Emily travel update. Maybe that was a good thing. After all, what could possibly happen in a sleepy Stars Hallows summer? Guess it’s time to find out.

    And in this episode, it is hard to pick a singular theme since it was at times a schizophrenic puzzle with lots of unrelated or even superfluous pieces. Do we go with “Welcome to Stepford Hallows” to account for the townies lobotomized reaction to any and all things Taylor [the musical, gazette closing, etc.], or “A Final Summer in Stars Wallows” to account for the girls trying to piece together their currently broken lives, or maybe we should just look for the silver lining as postulated from Gershwin/Hayward’s “Porgy and Bess”? You know the [modified] lyrics……Summertime and the living is easy [especially with a secret bar], fish are jumping [or at least the kids in the pool are], and the grad student may get high [we saw that April]. Your Daddy’s rich [and currently missing, anyone seen Chris,] and your momma’s good looking [still yowzah and even a bit crazy after all these years], so hush pretty baby dough.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oon’t you cry [though a well-articulated wallow may be your ticket to ride].

    We open the episode with a pool scene that highlights Rory and Lorelai [reading the book Wild] lounging around and in their favored neighbor mocking mode [“just go naked”, “fat Pat”, “go nameless”] and in case you missed it people, Rory is “not back”. Going back home we see that April has dropped in to visit Luke, is putting on a good “rebellious face” as Luke prepares dinner for them all, but in fact is floundering and needs a little remedial TLC from Rory. Not fully intact herself, Rory later hits her “wallow” stoop, calling Logan to get the OK for moving up her visit and finds that Odette is now a permanent resident at Logan’s. Weasel that he is, Logan suggests keeping the original plans in place, temporarily keeping Rory on the hook.

    Move forward to an important town meeting, with new AC to cure the summer blues, more “welcome back Rory’s”, introducing the 30-something gang, an inane continuing argument between Luke and Bootsy, and the usual missing tourist lament. But to counter this, Taylor springs the “SHTM” idea on the assembly to their approval and introduces a composer closely related to the “grim reaper”. Now all Taylor needs is a leading lady and to setup his advisory committee of more than six volunteers [“loving the community spirit”]. Once accomplished it’s on to sadder news, no more SH gazette. Townies shrug and only Rory seems to care as she gives a magnificent [if AC interrupted] soliloquy that falls on deaf ears. Meeting adjourned.

    A more extravagant pool scene is then shown with the Lorelai in “southern belle mode” as their attendants [Dewey and Brandon] shade them from the sun. Luke in lifeguard mode [“not the Hoff”] to protect the previously damaged floaty hut rails against the undisciplined water antics and clears the pool. Michele is now back, making a poolside appearance, and stokes Lorelai’s Dragonfly worries. After cleaning up, the girls hit the town, run across the SHTM sign-in for auditions [inadvertently interrupting Babette and Miss Patty’s flirting] and to top it off, see that Lorelai’s therapist is also auditioning. Once Claudia is identified and introduced to Rory, the girls agree that Lorelai’s sessions are “totally screwed”.

    A Taylor sighting next occurs with him swooning over finding his leading lady [SF] and indicating the girls are chopped liver compared to her. Her resume is dissected with a nod to Kinky Boots instead of her actual part. An argument results, though Rory is more upset that the SH gazette is not there to cover the news. This results in Rory seeking out Taylor at his store and culminates in her volunteering to be the next [unpaid] editor.

    Back at the Dragonfly we find Michele and Lorelai checking in guests, Michele practicing interacting with kids, an offhand nod to his recent birthday, and then his hammer [“Let’s have drinks and Talk??]. Next hitting the Secret Bar, the pair sit down and finally get to the discussion they hoped they would never have. Michele is so frustrated in being underemployed that he feels he has no choice but to leave Lorelai and the Dragonfly. Tears ensue and they try to find an out but it is not apparent how it can occur. A quick “5-0” alert instantaneously shuts the bar and Taylor is hoodwinked again. After he disappears, the bar quickly reopens with a new song in the background, and the pair completes their conversation with a nod to unsustainable economic logistics. For now, the die seems cast.

    Back at the gazette, Taylor is already “back-seat driving” Rory’s editing and layout for her first upcoming issue. As he leaves, Lorelai comes in and breaks the Michelle news, leaving the girls to drink their lunch. Later on, the edition copies arrive and Rory discovers that she must also deliver them. She sends out a SOS to Lorelai who is now slugging it out in the Dragonfly kitchen with Luke as disgruntled temporary chef. Happy for any reason to get out of dodge, Lorelai heads over to the gazette and signs on as Rory’s assistant dispatcher.

    To the rapid-fire sounds of “These Boots Were Made for Walking”, we get lots of misdirection hijinks, assistance in delivery from Dewey, flippant delivery tactics, and an abundance of complaints from a citizenry that days earlier did not even care that the paper was closing. Additionally, we get a guest phone call from Doyle to whine about Rory’s editing of his puff piece, multi 30’s’gang sightings [including their parents], and the discovery that the Lorelai are duplicating each other’s routes. This leads to long-distance shouting and enraged consternation from the girls and a session of never ending “barking puppy ouchies” once delivery is complete and they are back at home. To finish off the disastrous outing, Rory calls Emily, finds her asleep at noon and minimally communicative, and then gits into a snit with Lorelai over why she is avoiding Emily.

    Next we get to a SHTM meeting with the usual Taylor “yada, yada” setup and then the first show run-through. Energetic at best, incoherent at worst, we see a series of four historical eras set to song and dance and “so bad it’s good” lyrics on top of decent melodies. Not surprisingly Taylor has ripped-off every commercially viable theme in existence including ABBA and Hamilton. Then on to the committee commentary, insanely positive except for Lorelai who points out the obvious flaws and is instantaneously called out by all in attendance. Her quick rebuttal is blunted as Taylor mindlessly rationalizes this approach, dissolves the meeting, and leaves Lorelai to deal with a ticked-off leading lady who heard it all.

    A few days later, and in a reversal of Rory’s perception, there is indeed life going on at the mansion. A new historical find is evaluated at a DAR meeting, and must be put up for authentication. As Rory arrives, the ladies adjourn, realize there are other priorities for the afternoon, and try to escape Berta’s never-ending chatter to get to their hair appointments. Observing the changes to the living room, Rory questions the presence of a TV and TV trays [??], and suggests Emily get back to some of her old haunts and have some fun. Emily chuckles, dismisses her concern, and moves on to rescue her guests. In a follow-up call, Rory passes on this scenario to Lorelai and hears that Emily has requested their presence for the “new-improved” headstone for Richard’s gravesite. Lorelai points out the history for needing the improved version to alleviate Rory’s confusion.

    Shifting venues back to the gazette, we see a distracted Rory interrupted by an old familiar face – Jess. Some one-liners break the tension, we hear the familial reason for the visit, and it’s on to a Lou Grant liquid lunch. After a little catchup we hear Rory’s “could have been a contender lament”, her litany of “b” words and negatories, and admission of her stagnant situation. In buck up mode, Jess points out simple “Escaping a Writing Rut 101” principles and suggests the obvious, “Write what you Know!!”. Grabbing this lifeline, Rory considers the possibility of a book about the Girls story, does a little background research that chills her out, and finds her motivation.

    A week later we see Lorelai at the mansion hopelessly waiting for Rory who is still at the gazette feverishly working on the book outline. Giving up, she finally going in to find Emily with old friend Jack Smith [a smarmy witness to Lorelai’s funeral afterparty confession]. Completely flustered, Lorelai freaks out in babble-speak, excuses herself, and goes in the kitchen to panic-call Rory. Once hearing the situation, Rory responds that she had nudged Emily back towards the club and is admonished for exposing Emily to the club’s world of “honey badgers and jack the zippers”. Emily interrupts the call, hears Lorelai’s concerns, and goes in attack mode against both Lorelai’s and Luke’s indifference to her. And the capper, she finds out Lorelai did not know about the real estate outing and hones in on the unsuitability of their relationship as little more than two neighboring but separate islands. The old imperious Emily at her best!! Now time for some cemetery hijinks.

    Meeting Rory at the cemetery, Lorelai has time for a few zingers before Emily catches up and the trio serpentine their way to the gravesite. Awaiting them is Stanley [previously known as Professor Bell] who unveils the headstone to Emily’s instant dissatisfaction. Grumbling all the way, Emily and Stanley head out to figure out what went wrong this time and to figure out how to fix it [6th times the charm??].

    Now that they are alone, Lorelai wants to hear about the new project that has Rory so excited. As Rory pitches the idea about the Lorelai’s story [expose?], Lorelai goes into “over my dead body mode”. After multiple re-pitches, including identifying Jess as the author of the idea, the reaction is still no to the infinity power and accentuated by an attack on Rory’s “glass houses” lifestyle including her inability to escape Logan’s influence. Hurt, Rory goes into “I need this” and hears “do what you want”, the perfect Emily/Lorelai passive-aggressive rejoinder. Fully crushed, Rory heads back to the Hallow.

    Equally furious, Lorelai heads back to the diner and is greeted with no coffee. A bit frazzled from overwork, Luke is unsympathetic leading Lorelai to call Mr. Grumpy out for hiding the Emily real estate ploy and he rebuts this with her “phantom” Emily therapy sessions. Lots of quasi-accusations fly in both directions, ending in “we struck a deal”, “I just don’t know”, and an escape by Luke to take care of some Inn kitchen details.

    A still unrecovered Rory at Lane’s freaks out disclosing the cemetery events and seeing her Mom as Emily for the first time in a long while. Slowly she comes to understand Lorelai’s trepidation but still unnerved keeps speed-dialing Logan and upping her paranoia. Logan tries to calm her down, but eventually they get to the real point. With Odette there, their relationship has to end and Rory can no longer count on Logan. After the hang-up, Lane comforts her in the wallowing.

    Back at the Inn, Lorelai finds a message from Taylor about some new material for SHTM to be showcased that evening. With nothing better to do Lorelai heads over, a bit late and to Taylor’s disapproval, and is thunder-stuck by the song Unbreakable/It’s Never or Now [no way this was authored by Taylor and his composer, more likely contributed by Violet commenting on the fate of most, even talented, people in an uncertain world]. This exceptional composition belongs in SHTM as much as a great “surf & turf” belongs at a kindergarten cookie break but serves its plot purpose in refocusing Lorelai on taking charge of her life.

    And in the final scene at home we find Luke fussing around the kitchen and then stopped in his tracks by Lorelai’s “We Need to Talk” declaration. A quiet, desperate discussion follows…. away…. awhile… wild…. nature… menu of outdoor negatives… I know ….. still going???? …. yea…. Why????….. It’s Never or Now…. Fade to black as Lorelai departs the kitchen leaving Luke dumfounded to ponder the possible evaporation of his preferred life………

    Conclusions: Despite my sarcasm and cynicism I like significant parts of this revival story. And this particular episode is incredibly dense with respect to “zpms” [zinger per minute]. So, with three down and one to go [we should be so lucky on the political horizon], I’ll get around to viewing the fall episode sometime in the future. Since I expect it to be the last Gilmore material authored by the principals there seems to be no need to rush. Anyway, always like to leave a little something on the table for a future treat. Thus, my final viewing will not be “never” but also will not be “now”. Later all-

    • February 5, 2018 at 11:16 am

      Yeah I like to save some of the good stuff for who-knows-when too. In my book, ‘Not today’ does mean ‘Not today’. You never know when you’ll really need it and it is worth savouring! Like Regis says, expectations can make all the difference. Thank you again mcityrk!

  • February 3, 2018 at 3:53 pm

    I recently finished my second viewing of the DVD. All I can say is – I loved it, from beginning to end. Sharp writing (as expected) and wonderful performances all around. Such a joy to see the old gang again. Sadly, one was missing. I’m sure he would have loved to have been there.

    I think what I enjoyed most is what many fans did not – Rory’s story line. She’s not the princess of Stars Hollow anymore. She’s an adult/child, struggling to find her place in the world. It was tough, but fascinating to watch. I think Alexis did a wonderful job with a difficult task. For those who gave a thumbs down based on her story line, I would suggest re-watching and judge it for what it is, not for what you wanted it to be.

    My favorite things:

    > The Emily/Lorelai dynamic – still there

    > The troubadours (Grant Lee Phillips and Louise Geffen)

    > Richard’s funeral and Tom Waits

    > Paris, just being Paris – Liza is so good

    > Luke’s confusion about how surrogates work :)

    > Sandee, I mean Sasha, I mean Julia Goldani Telles! I miss Bunheads.

    > The townhall meetings

    > The Black, White, and Read movie theater – no outside food!

    > Rory, Paris, and Headmaster Charleston – back at Chilton – what a delight

    > “I slept with a Wookiee” – Nice Lorelai/Rory moment

    > Lorelai, trying to humor April (Tapping wine bottle – “Is this thing on?”)

    > Stars Hollow, The Musical. I can’t see it enough times

    > Sutton Foster and Christian Borle – together again!

    > Carole King – always

    > “I don’t need Lipitor – I need to be 20 again” (I hear you Rory)

    > Violet (Sutton) singing to Lorelai – a wonderful moment

    > In omnia paratus! The life and death brigade returns. A brilliant sequence.

    > Lorelai finally telling Emily a great dad story.

    > Miss Celine (Alex Borstein) – what a joy

    > Rory meeting with Christopher – If he only knew why she was there

    > Emily (“You need money – On one condition”). Full circle.

    > Rory and Dean – A beautiful moment – driving Supernatural fans crazy – that’s Sam, not Dean!

    > Sookie! – Too bad for the early booking confusion

    > Jess looking back at Rory when he left – that girl drove them all crazy

    > Lorelai (“Drop the ‘The’ – Just ‘Gilmore Girls'”)

    > The wedding – Reflecting Light – Luke can waltz!

    > The final scene – I kind of saw it coming – To be continued?

    Well worth the wait for the DVD


    • February 5, 2018 at 11:11 am

      Thank you Regis! And bless you, also. I believe we’re in the minority or just less vocal. It’s easy to forget how horrible it was in the quiet years inbetween. Expectations were ridiculously high but I believe people would rather have had the new episodes, rather than not at all. With expectations set, the second viewing is very different from the first. All my boxes were checked. And the musical is *supposed* to be too much.

  • February 5, 2018 at 7:41 pm

    Hi Guys-

    Actually in a lot of ways the musical reminded me of Taylor’s voice overs for the Twickham museum show dialogue, you know, kind of from left field. And considering how we saw him in the last episode of season seven, not sure I really wanted to see him again. But in fact he had one of the juicier supporting roles in the revival. Still have not figured out why the townies now agree with him all the time, seems like one of the pleasures from the old town meetings was everyone taking turns hitting him with zingers. Unless of course one considers the “secret bar” the zinger that keeps on giving.

  • June 23, 2018 at 1:50 pm

    Is thre going to be another Gilmore season 2 life in a year?

  • July 19, 2018 at 3:46 pm

    I loved they finally gave us new episodes after years of being left hanging. Trust me like any of you I had many ideas of how the next season should be
    Who besides me waited season after season for Luke and Lorelai finally make it official? Was suprised but not so suprised at Rory’s news. Like mother like daughter. It leaves us wondering who is the dad of the baby? Jess or Logan. Whoever it is will Rory have the same on again off again relationship with him like Christopher and Lorelai did?

    Oh my we need more…. Hopefully they will hear us fans and give us another year in a life….

  • August 11, 2018 at 6:35 pm

    I would love to have new episodes! Seeing Rory and Dean running into each other was bittersweet. The corn starch reference got me choked up. It really sunk in how much the characters have changed.

    I think Logan=Christopher for Rory with Jess=Luke. Someday, I want her to end up with Jess. Their relationship was messy but they managed to form a lifelong friendship whereas with Dean it’s just tense and awkward.

    Glad Lorelei and Luke got married!

  • October 1, 2018 at 4:18 pm

    For anyone who’s interested – the 7 never-aired episodes of the Alexis/Jason Ritter series “Us and Them” is available at sonycrackle.com free of charge.

  • February 15, 2019 at 5:15 am

    Makes me want to watch the musical again :P How was Rory in the Handmaid’s Tale?


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