Gilmore Girls Fan Fest Returns!


For those who did not get a chance to attend last year or those who want to return for more, the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest is coming back, from October 20-22, although in a different location.

Tickets go on sale on their website Wednesday, March 1st at Noon EST.  As many know, tickets sold out last year instantaneously.  Seriously, you need to be ready right at Noon to buy your tickets.

Note that ticket prices, activities or guests appearing have not yet been announced.

Very important: when buying your tickets, you must put in all the names of the people attending (including yourself).  If not, it will cost you $25 later to add them.  Each ticket must be associated with a name.  If you resell a ticket, there are some strict rules posted on the website plus the $25 fee to add or change the name.

Also note that the fest will take place in Kent, Connecticut instead of Washington Depot.  Kent is about 17 miles further northwest, quite cute as well, although from what I remember from when I visited, it does not have the Stars Hollow layout (I don’t think any town quite does).  I think they filmed a recent episode of “Girls” there.  They have good coffee.  Here’s what the organizers have to say about Kent:

For anyone who has ever wanted to be a part of a town with a gazebo, a book store, an antique shop, a diner, a dance studio and an inn, we are pretty confident you’ll love Kent, Connecticut.

Once you have your tickets, immediately book your hotel/b&b/Airbnb before they all get snapped up (or pre-book something as long as you have the ability to cancel with no penalty).  This is in an isolated part of the state, so any accommodations close to Kent are quite expensive with the more affordable ones farther away in Danbury (40-45 minute drive).

5_GGFanFest_HepAlien_22Oct2016.jpgI would encourage any die-hard Gilmore Girls fan to attend.  Last year’s fest was very well thought-out in terms of activities and opportunities to interact with cast members, although they could have gotten more food trucks and more heaters for the outdoor tents (it was freezing!).

Here’s a shot I got of an impromptu performance last year by Hep Alien.  It could be you in the audience this year.

Update: Tickets are on sale and they’ve changed it so there’s only one price: $250.  So good news is that there is no have/have-not situation with the two-tier pricing, but everyone has to pay more.  In comparison, there was another event with Gilmore Girls stars (along with Gossip Girl cast members) called EyeCon Genesis in Atlanta that was just cancelled, but I see a reference to ticket prices being anywhere from $50-$695.


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