Melissa McCarthy’s Talent Continues Pushing Past Limits


Confirming the uncanny abilities of Gilmore Girls casting directors Mara Casey and Jami Rudofsky in finding extraordinary talent, Melissa McCarthy continues to break boundaries not only in show business but on an international political level as well.  In case you haven’t seen last week’s Saturday Night Live, Melissa made a surprise appearance portraying Sean Spicer, President Trump’s Press Secretary, to hilarious results.  It did the impossible by actually overshadowing Alec Baldwin’s hilarious and now famous portrayal of Trump.

In the skit, Melissa devastatingly satirized Mr. Spicer’s confrontational manner with the press and facts.  Afterwards, there was universal acclaim (and the glee from anti-Trump forces).  Here’s one example:

The White House was apparently less thrilled, mostly due to the fact that a woman portrayed the Press Secretary.  It was an unusual move to cast Melissa to play such a prominent male administration figure, but she pulled it off brilliantly and without vanity, as let’s face it, she did not look at all like the cute Sookie St. James we first came to love.

It goes to show that sometimes we only see a fraction of an actor’s talent in a TV show or movie and that it’s a mistake to typecast or pigeonhole performers.  I’m always astonished seeing Michelle Williams in great role after great role, having risen from her start on a teen show (WB’s Dawson’s Creek) or even Jean Smart who is currently on the X-men spin-off Legion, having risen to fame on the comedy Designing Women, and now playing meaty roles on 24, Fargo and more.

For those who have perhaps not been thrilled with Melissa’s movie output as of late, this reminds all of us that a performer can often be much better than their material.  Given the right material such with Bridesmaids, Melissa shows she can blow the roof off.

See it for yourself:



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