Kelly Bishop on Bulls**t and Buckets of Blood


Kelly Bishop spoke to The Hollywood Reporter at length about Emily Gilmore’s evolution in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life:

I liked her seeing her really evolve and grow and try to find herself and all of the different stages of grief between the pain and the loss and the rage and the confusion and trying to find what the next step is for her.  I sure miss Ed and he would have loved to have done it – it breaks my heart that he’s gone and he couldn’t do it – but it made for a really interesting journey for Emily.

She was asked about Emily’s explosion at the DAR meeting where she declared it all “bullshit!”:

The fact that she’s suddenly swearing, I said to Amy [Sherman-Palladino], ‘I just love that I say that.’ She said, ‘Well, you know it’s Netflix, it’s not regular television, so you can say anything you want. You have free rein to say things and do things. There can be nude scenes, there can be all sorts of things.’ And she said, ‘We decided that the only person who swears in this is Emily.’ I thought, ‘That’s so Amy. That’s the quirk of Amy.’

Emily’s depression over Richard’s death and subsequent disarray seemed to have softened her approach to handling the help, with her shockingly embracing Berta and her family:

It’s like, ‘Fine, take care of me. I can’t deal with this.’ And then the food’s really good and the husband is an amazing handyman and Berta is so cheerful. It’s like, fine. (Laughs.) Before she was so good at organizing and taking over and running things and now she just doesn’t even know how to do that anymore.

A surprising development was Emily’s new career at the whaling museum:

I think the turn at the whaling museum is nuts, it’s kind of wonderful (Laughs.) She’s evolved yet again in that she’s suddenly really empathetic to the animals and the environment. I thought, ‘Yeah, OK, good. She’s growing.’ I liked that part too.

However, there was the talk she gave to visitors – including children – describing the brutal and gruesome nature of whale hunting:

I really, really hated the speech with the buckets of blood. (Laughs.) I’m an animal lover so going through all that description — you know how many takes you do of saying it over and over again — it was just so graphic and awful.

Emily Buckets of Blood

Regarding the series continuing, she’s very open to it but it depends on whether the right deal can come into place and if Amy Sherman-Palladino wants to continue:

I’m taking this as finished at this point. But clearly there’s no reason it couldn’t because life does go on and Amy has that wonderful way of taking a reality like the loss of Edward Herrmann, and rather than having him run off with somebody and living overseas, she dealt with the reality of the fact that he’s not there anymore. So she’s quite capable of adapting to all sorts of things.

About the final four words:

My reaction was just like ‘Hmm, now that’s interesting.’ I didn’t have any big strong reaction to it.


3 thoughts on “Kelly Bishop on Bulls**t and Buckets of Blood

  • January 30, 2017 at 1:02 pm

    In the short list of top moments from AYITL, Emily yelling “BullS***” has to be right there. Along with Paris kicking the door closed.

  • January 30, 2017 at 2:15 pm

    Agree with that. I wonder if kicking the door closed like that was in the script or Liza ad-libbed it? I hated the premise of Paris melting down over seeing Tristan, though. She’d be completely over him by then. The scene could have gone exactly the same way with her simply melting down over Doyle leaving. Besides, what is Tristan doing at a Chilton alumni event anyway – didn’t his dad pull him out and send him to military school? We never see him again after that, so I assumed he graduated from there, not Chilton.

  • January 30, 2017 at 2:22 pm

    This scene was Kinds sorta funny. What GilmoreNews should do an arcticle about Reflecting Light by Sam Phillips and how that shows symbolism of relationship and change and dinosaurs! Jk about that part. But you guys should check out “The Aftermath” by Ashleywheeler1 I think. It’s in Wattpad, and I came across it the other day. Super good writing


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