Vanessa Marano Predicted Final Four Words, Of Course


In the week before Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premiered, The Hollywood Reporter asked cast members to predict the final four words.  Unbelievably–this is what Vanessa Marano, who played “fan-favorite” April Nardini, said:

Mom, I’m pregnant – psych.

Jaw Drop.  She said it more as a joke, but she got it right.  After the show started streaming, The Hollywood Reporter checked back with her:

I was sitting there watching with my little sister.  She was like ‘I cannot believe that you guessed it.’  I was like, “I didn’t do it on purpose.  It was a joke!’  I didn’t think they’d really do it.

For a self-confessed Gilmore Girls fanatic like Vanessa, who geeked out on the show even before she was cast, this ending didn’t provide the closure she was expecting:

Now I’m upset because it’s a cliffhanger. It was supposed to be closure.  Now I want more, which I wouldn’t be mad if there was more, I would be ecstatic if there was more, so it was brilliant on [creator Amy Sherman-Palladino’s] part.

About the identity of the possible babydaddy:

I hope to God it’s not the wookie, but I hope it’s not Logan either.

Here were the other cast members’ predictions of the last four words:

Rosebud was a sled – Mike Gandolfi (Andrew)
Bring me more coffee – Rini Bell (Lulu)
The aliens are here – David Sutcliffe (Christopher Hayden)
It is tomato pie – that’s what I’m sure its not – Keiko Agena (Lane Kim)
Bring back more Gypsy – Rose Abdoo (Gypsy)
Luke, you’re my father – Sean Gunn (Kirk Gleason)
I have no idea and I won’t even speculate. I don’t even want to speculate. I don’t think that the fans should even speculate. They should just enjoy when it happens. – John Cabrera (Brian Fuller)


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