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I never would have imagined it: A mash-up between Gilmore Girls and Murder She WroteNerdist has shared a unique birthday present created for a woman named Elisabeth Allie–a single comic book page combining her two favorite shows.  (Click the Nerdist link to see the whole page.)

Murder She Wrote Mash UpIt takes a bit of squinting to read it and from what I can make out, it’s set during the episode “Road Trip to Harvard” (Season 2, Episode 4) where Lorelai has decided not to marry Max and instead, takes Rory on an impromptu road trip.

Now, on the merits of the results, I’m not going to comment on.  Of course, anything not written or supervised by the Palladinos ever sounds quite right.  However, note that the writer, Brian Michael Bendis, is one of the most prominent writers in the comic book industry, so having him involved helps add to the gesture of the gift.

doc martin

I’ve actually thought about a Gilmore Girls mash-up before, but not with Murder She Wrote where you know Taylor would quickly end up dead in front of his market with a real chalk mark around him.  My idea was a mash-up with Doc Martin.  Watch it on Netflix or Hulu if you haven’t; it should appeal to anyone who likes GG.  I could see a perfect fit since it’s about an ever-exasperated big-city doctor who moves to a quaint village.  What if he moved to Stars Hollow?  There’s no one better at exasperating someone than Lorelai Gilmore.

Have you thought of any Gilmore Girls mash-ups?


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  • January 19, 2017 at 8:37 pm

    There was always the Zombies Gilmore Girls posting on this site on 11/26/13!!

  • January 23, 2017 at 11:37 pm

    A Murder She Wrote – Gilmore Girls mash-up. My version would go like this—
    A loud ringing phone startles a gentleman in his office—
    ST: “Hello, Sheriff Tupper a hear, how can I help you?”
    LaD: “Sheriff, this is LaDawn at the Cheshire Cat. Please come immediately, we’ve had a disturbing incident.”
    ST: “Can you be more specific?”
    LaD: “Well you know about my B&B, lots of guests coming through. We had a couple of young women pass through and now my cat is missing and a disturbing message, maybe for ransom, was left in their room. They seemed like troublemakers the whole time they were here.”
    ST: “Kind of busy here, but I’ll see if I can get Mrs. Faletcha to drop by and get your info.”
    ST: “Hello Jessica, I’ve got a case for you.”
    JBF: “Amos, not now, you know Seth and I were headed for New York this evening”.
    ST: “This would be a on your way. Stop by the Chershire Cat and then detour through Sthas Hollow Connecticut on the route to New York.”
    JBF: “And why would I do that? Haven’t you had enough of LaDawn’s wild-goose chase theatrics?”
    ST: “I know, but this could be a doooosie.”
    JBF: “OK, but this is the last time.”
    SH: “Come on woman, we’re already running late and now another crazy red herring to slow us down?”
    JBF: “Seth, I’m no happier about this than you, but I promised Amos.”
    SH: “Let him do his own job for a change. Hey isn’t that the B&B just ahead?”
    JBF: “Yes, let’s make this quick.”
    LaD: “Jessica, I’m so happy you’re here, you’ve just got to see the nasty message those two girls left.”
    JBF: “Please calm down and let us see it. Coming Seth?”
    SH: “If I have to. Where is this mysterious message?”
    LaD: “Upstairs in their room. You won’t believe it!”
    LaD: “There in the guest book, a reference to satanic forces”.
    SH: “I don’t know about you Jess, but this wallpaper is making me dizzy.”
    JBF: “Yeah, it’s disorienting, but let’s keep to the task at hand.”
    Looking through the book……
    JBF: “A bit suspicious, but are you sure they weren’t just kidding around, changed their mind, and then sanitized the message?”
    LaD: “OK, but how do you explain my missing cat?”
    SH: “Is this the same cat that rumor has it has helped re-populate all of New England?”
    LaD: “No, he never leaves the B&B. I resent the insinuation.”
    JBF: “Well, what do you want me to do about it?”
    LaD: “Here’s a picture of the pair. They listed their residence as Stars Hollow, but I think that’s pure fiction. Can’t find it on a map.”
    JBF: “Seth?”
    SH: “A step ahead of you, here it is on google maps. Not much of a detour either.”
    JBF: “OK LaDawn, we’ll check their story on the way by. Give us your cat carrier.”
    LaD: “Thank you.”

    JBF: “Well, here we are.”
    SH: “Are they kidding, this looks more like a movie set than a town. And look at that absurd sign at Al’s Pancake World – all you can eat fried clams on a Tuesday???”
    JBF: “Not to worry, there’s a dinner up ahead. Maybe they can point us in the right direction.”
    Slipping into Luke’s—
    JBF: “Young man, can you provide us some directions?”
    LD: “Be with you in a minute….”
    Kirk looking up from his paper—
    KG: “OMG, you’re JB Fletcher! [rushing out the door] I’ve got to get Taylor.”
    LD: “Sorry for the delay. How can I help you?”
    JBF: “Do you have a pair of girls in town who match this picture?”
    LD: “Sure, those are the Gilmore’s, but they’re out of town on a road trip.”
    JBF: “That’s too bad, we need to talk to them.”
    Taylor and Kirk reappear—
    KG: “See I told you, the famous author.”
    TD: “So Mrs. Fletcher, did you come to Stars Hollow to see the real New England?”
    JBF: “I don’t want to be rude sir, but I can do without your impertinence. We’re here to see the Gilmores.”
    TD: “Gilmore, Gilmore, Gilmore, that’s all I ever hear. You’d think no one else lives in Stars Hollow.” Huffs his way out the door….
    LD: “Sorry about that, he’s the town poobah and apparently over-starched his shorts again…”
    SH: “Can’t say ah mayor is much better.”
    BD: “Hey look, here comes their jeep now. I’ll take you over for an introduction.”
    BD: “Dolls, look who wants to meet you.”
    RG: “That looks like….it is…JB Fletcher. I love your books”
    LG: “Who??”
    RG: “You know the mystery writer whose books I wear out over a weekend and then you use to even out the kitchen table so it doesn’t wobble.”
    LG: “Sorry about that, why do you want to meet us?”
    JBF: “Well there was a complaint about your departure from the Cheshire Cat. Apparently there was a suspicious message and a missing cat??”
    RG: “See, I told you to be serious.”
    LG: “Sorry, after spending two days looking at the wallpaper it seemed like a little frivolity was in order, and as for Sammy, he disappeared before we even checked out.”
    SH: “Told you, he was out prowling again.”
    Miss Patty waking up the street……
    MP: “Hey girls, glad to see you back, sorry about Max, what’s with the cat in the back seat of the jeep?”
    LG; “What cat?”
    JBF: “O my, that’s Sammy, it looks like you caught a stow-away hitchhiker. Seth do you have the cat carryall?”
    SH: “Right here. There you go boy….alright, that’s done.”
    JBF: “Seth, please give Amos a call and let him know we have Sammy in tow.”
    SH: “As you wish, nice to meet you all, but I must say this town is crazy enough to make Cabot Cove seem boring by comparison.”
    LG: “I know but we like it this way. Have a good trip.”
    JBF: “Bye now.”
    Once on the road….
    SH: “Sammy seems like such an inappropriate name. When I was a boy, cats that hunted and prowled this much went by a different name.”
    JBF: “Not that myth again.”
    SH: “You know what I’m talking about, el gato Loganis”
    JBF: “Seth, enough, I’m just glad we found him. Now we can finish the trip.”
    Tha da da da da ___ tha da da da___…………. [chorus repeated ad infinitum]

  • February 6, 2017 at 3:20 pm

    I would love a mash up with any of the investigative shows. I keep imagining maybe one of the guests of the inn being murdered and the detectives interrogating everyone and Lorelai would try to help because she’s seen every single one of these cop shows and Sookie would keep baking for the detectives/FBI and miss Patty would hit on the guys.


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