Alexis Bledel Addresses Rumors of More Gilmore Girls

Alexis Bledel recently addressed the growing rumours about a sequel revival (what do we call it?) / second season of Gilmore Girls for Netflix. 

At an event promoting the Hulu adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale, which we only recently found out Alexis was a part of (she’s great at keeping secrets!), Alexis responded to the rumours saying:

“I don’t know…It hasn’t been a conversation as of yet,” she said. “All of us are just wanting to tell a good story. The only thing I can say about future installments is that it would be about the story and the timing. We want to tell a great story.”

So, there you have it! It’s just as vague as we had before Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, except this time it’s not an outright no. This time we know that more Gilmore Girls could be made for Netflix. It’s just a matter of whether there’s a story to tell. What does Alexis think of a future story for Rory? Does she know who the father of the baby is?

“I honestly haven’t gone down that path of imagining it.” She said she doesn’t have any preferences on who it might be — given the choices of Logan, Paul or even the wookie. “It all lives in Amy’s imagination,” she said. “She has a very clear vision and always has and we haven’t had input as to the stories and the characters on the show very much. On ‘In the Life’ we did a little more than the original run of the show, but it really is all Amy.”

Although we don’t know of any official talks regarding more episodes of Gilmore Girls, we do know that Netflix is on board if Amy Sherman-Palladino is. We know that Amy & Dan have both said they were satisfied with the ending, and that they’ve been busy on other work, but that no door is ever closed. Given that it took the right story to get Amy back on board with the first revival, we’re hoping a little spark of creativity comes her way to inspire a second season of Gilmore Girls for Netflix. As with the first go round, the only one who can bring Gilmore Girls back is Amy. 

Of course, fan pressure does help! Continued ratings of Gilmore Girls on Netflix, and continued fan presence online, all helps fuel the fire at Netflix. Perhaps Netflix could light the fires of inspiration for Amy by offering her another season, straight up?!

Stay tuned for another post all about The Handmaid’s Tale!

5 thoughts on “Alexis Bledel Addresses Rumors of More Gilmore Girls

  • January 10, 2017 at 10:42 am

    I hope they do continue with the Gilmore girls. How can you end it this way?
    Having lost her husband I really thought that Lorelei would have grown out of her youth rebellion and include her mother in their lives. But getting married without her mom. Unreal. How can you stick Emile on the cape with people who don’t speak English and throw their kids at her? That story line has to go. Maybe Roy will raise her child without her mom. There comes a time to let go of the past and live in the future. Family first.
    I really thought that the writers would have done a better job having the whole family reunite after their lost. What a wasted opportunity to show that families can overcome together.

  • January 10, 2017 at 10:49 am

    Think you hit it on the head. There always is more story to tell…………if someone else is willing to pay for it………

  • January 10, 2017 at 10:50 am

    Did you also wonder once in a while where they took the food from for sookies kitchen scenes? What happened to all those animals and eggs and breads :D that would be an interesting question to ask!!

  • January 10, 2017 at 11:01 am

    Her mother will be at the ceremony, but this wedding, this small wedding wasn’t about anybody else, it was about Luke and Lorelai…Lorelai would go to a courthouse if she could, she still had the big to-do, but that moment, was just about them

  • January 11, 2017 at 3:37 am

    It’s funny how a small story can change a persons perspective of their own life. I being a single mother raising a daughter all on my own knows this well. The story of Lorelai and Rory. How they have an unspeakable bond and the love they have for one another. It reminds me of my daughter and I. I can say in a world that looked on teen pregnancy as a bad thing. To hide it. To shun it. To see such a story gave me hope. That I can be that kind of mom. One that knows how to be a friend, yet has strict rules to follow. I thought I was alone. That no one could or would understand what I dealt with. Now in my late thirties ( hard to say ) I see Gilmore Girls as something more. A story to tell the girls who feel hopeless that there is hope, that you are not alone. My daughter almost 18 has seen all the episodes ( actually we feg watched it together even before the continued stories of the Gilmore Girls came out) She has been inspired and can see a little of what I had to deal with raising her and growing up so fast. And with Rory and her last words to her mom. My heart sank in my belly. Why do you ask? Because I want to know her story. I want to see what will happen. If Lorelai will support Rory or will she be like her mom. I find that a new path for woman can be shown. One that can inspire and thread a new kind of thinking. We just have to tell it.

    As a single mom… Still. I hope the story is not done. Because I need hope that those last few words from Rory to her mom ” Mom I’m pregnant ” Isn’t the end, but a beginning of something new.


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