Scott Patterson on the Coffee Controversy, Favorite Luke and Lorelai Scene, plus Another Final Four Words?


Scott Patterson appeared on Hollywood Today Live and admitted he’d had a crush on Lauren Graham:

How can you not?  Everybody did.

He was asked about the Great Gilmore Girls Coffee Cup Controversy:

That’s real coffee my friend.  Very real.  It’s cold.  It’s not warm.  And when extras or we drink it, it’s like ‘Hello!’

So, this is the first I’ve heard that the coffee is cold.  That would explain at least why they hold the cups without sleeves and never seem concerned about being burned.

Spoilers Ahead!

On, Scott was asked his favorite scene between Luke and Lorelai.  It came from the new “Fall” episode:

In the kitchen, that’s my all-time favorite Luke and Lorelai scene. She comes back and he thinks she’s going to dump him, so that is the scene for my character and for the relationship. I knew it was my favorite when I read it, and it worked out really well.

One of his least favorite is when Lorelai proposed to him:

I didn’t like that she proposed to me. I wanted to do that. I didn’t like that. Luke’s a traditional guy. That threw him off.

Lauren Graham has also expressed her dislike of the proposal.

Scott was asked about the future for Luke and Lorelai’s relationship:

I think their chemistry is so pure and so strong, that’s why it drives the two of them a little nutty sometimes. So inevitably it’s a very passionate, sort of fighty relationship and headbanging and conflict, but they always end up together, because they love each other.

Asked about his opinion of Lorelai’s other love interests:

I think I was supposed to hate Scott Cohen, Max Medina, the most — the character hated him the most — but I liked Scott so much as a guy. Maybe Digger, because I just didn’t get it. What the hell was that all about? Just the name alone, right? Digger.

Personally, I liked Max Medina a lot, Digger not so much.


Finally, on WhoSay, Scott Patterson revealed this might not be the end:

There might be another final four words.

Now, Scott was the first one to break the news about the somewhat maybe definite possibility of the Revival series when he was on the Gilmore Guys podcast and got into trouble for it.  Is he spilling the beans again?


4 thoughts on “Scott Patterson on the Coffee Controversy, Favorite Luke and Lorelai Scene, plus Another Final Four Words?

  • December 15, 2016 at 1:18 pm

    I personally don’t even know why Jess would even be involved at all. Cause Milo’s cute&TV big? Jess and Rory haven’t seen each other in 4 years when he pops up in the summer. They don’t have any romantic interaction. In fact, they just spend some business time together in the Revival. He has his own life and hasn’t been involved with Rory all.

    As for as Jess staying? When has he stayed around? How is Jess mirroring Luke? I get there is talk outside of the show but how so in the show?

    Also, why does Rory need anyone riding inf or the rescue?

    And the Wookie happened in Spring, Rory would already be showing by the time she has sex with Logan in early fall let alone mid-fall November 5th.

  • December 15, 2016 at 3:13 pm

    Ha, I completely agree with what he says about Max and Digger. I always liked Max, but I just never understood the whole Digger thing. He never seemed suited for Lorelai. However, I must admit his part in the revival was quite nice and simple.

  • December 17, 2016 at 12:49 am

    The chemistry between luke and lorelia was not like it was g g .the revival hit the ditch.

  • December 20, 2016 at 7:41 am

    I think the coffe was cold because of the many takes. It probably was hot, but it would take so long to film a scene that it would get cold.

    You can’t judge the guy for having a crush on Lauren hahaha and their chemistry is just perfection!


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