Who’s Team Paul?


Do you remember Paul?  If not, then you’re just as bad as Rory, aren’t you?  In Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, nobody seems to remember him, not even his girlfriend of two years, Rory Gilmore.  We can only speculate on how or why they got together, but we come to understand that Rory is not in love with him.  Poor Paul.  He seems very sweet and loving, so why is he so neglected and strung along by Rory?  Is he not worthy of her, or is Rory not worthy of him?

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed Jack Carpenter, the actor who portrayed Paul.  The Palladinos hired him having remembered him from their 2008 series The Return of Jezebel James.  On-set for A Year in the Life, he told Amy:

‘Thank you so much for this opportunity and for remembering me and having me come aboard,’ and Amy was so sweet. She said, ‘Are you kidding? Dan and I wanted to adopt you when we first met you.’ She was so sweet, and they gave me a big hug.

Amy didn’t give him any backstory, so Jack invented what he could in his own head:

The way I kind of approached it is Paul is this nice guy who cares about Rory and is perhaps trying to force something that’s simply not there. He’s going to make someone happy, but it’s definitely not going to be Rory.


He enjoyed watching the rest of the cast catch up as friends.  He says there was a deleted scene that featured many cast members:

There was one scene that I did that I don’t believe made it which was in the living room, and Babette was there and I believe I was fixing some computers and that was a big cast scene. It wasn’t necessary, but it was so great to see everybody on set coming together.

He was asked the “secret” of making a character forgettable:

I think that I really just tried to give Paul a big heart. He’s a nice guy, he really cares for her, and he just doesn’t fit in this world. He doesn’t like breakfast and he doesn’t drink coffee, and it’s not that there’s anything wrong with him, it’s just not the right fit. That’s kind of all I did.

Jack doesn’t judge Rory’s behavior:

It’s never been a show about perfect people being perfect. I don’t think that the audience would want that. I think it’s a show about characters that we have grown attached to and they’re changing and growing from these experiences they have, and they make mistakes as human beings often do. I think that she may not have been handling it in the best possible way, but we can’t really judge because we don’t see enough.

Spoilers ahead!

Jack was asked whether he’s could be one of the contenders after Rory’s final four words:

I guess I would doubt it, but I have no idea.

That begs the question.  What if he is the father?  Are we going to be Team Paul?

Perhaps he is a bit boring, not the best fit for Rory.  Still, it seems he’d be a good father and loyal/dedicated as a husband.  I think what Rory learned after dumping Dean and going for Jesse is that a bad boy can seem quite sexy, but can make for a terrible partner.  You need someone who will always be there, be kind even when they don’t feel charitable.  So if it’s Paul, I’ll jump on the bandwagon and be Team Paul.


2 thoughts on “Who’s Team Paul?

  • December 18, 2016 at 5:07 pm

    I wonder if AYITL will be coming to DVD/Blu Ray, and if that deleted scene (and others) will be included. That would be a must-buy.

  • December 20, 2016 at 7:36 am

    I really want Netflix to release the deleted scenes =/

    I think it’s possible that Paul is the father. We’re just all assuming it was Logan, but it’s not necessarily him.


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