Keiko Agena’s Reddit AMA


Keiko Agena just did an “ask me anything” (AMA) on the Reddit Gilmore Girls page, asking a wild variety of amazing fan questions such as:

  • Who owns the Secret Bar?
  • Her favourite scene to film in the revival
  • The obligations she felt in creating a well-rounded Asian character
  • Confirmation that Lane’s house scenes were actually Sookie’s old house
  • Her mixed feelings about working at Kim’s Antiques and her hope that Lane has more left to her story
  • Keiko’s opinions on Jess & Logan, which are the best

I also had a chance to interview Keiko prior to the revival, which you can read here. I do hope, if one day we get more Gilmore Girls, that the story of Lane gets its own arc, aside from the peripheral views we saw through either Rory or Lorelai. It would be super satisfying, I think, to see her face her own challenge. 


One thought on “Keiko Agena’s Reddit AMA

  • December 20, 2016 at 7:23 am

    This was an amazing AMA. I think Keiko summons up the whole Jess-Logan saga with this: “I think she liked Logan the best. I think she loved Jess the best.”


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