Lauren Graham Shares Lessons in Happiness


In Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, Lorelai Gilmore went through a journey to find her own happiness, so it seems fitting that in Lauren Graham’s latest cover spread for Good Housekeeping magazine that she would tout her “7 biggest get-happy lessons.”

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LIFE LESSON #1: There’s no right way to live.

What brings you joy may not be what you thought would bring you joy — don’t be afraid to shift gears.

Lauren’s childhood was all over the map — literally. She was born in Hawaii, then lived in Japan, where her mother (the daughter of missionaries) had grown up. When her parents divorced, she moved frequently with her dad, at one point living on a houseboat in the Virgin Islands, before landing in New York and eventually Virginia. “My mom was a completely unconventional person for her time,” says Lauren, who describes her late mother as a great dancer, painter, singer and creative soul constantly searching for new projects. Her dad, a charming man with a dry sense of humor, was a writer before settling into politics. “He was very big on fairness and manners and kindness,” she says warmly. “I don’t think I ever heard my father raise his voice.” Witnessing her parents following their own paths had a huge impact on Lauren. “It gave me the sense that there are different ways to live, there are different ways to pursue a career and there are different ways to have a family,” she says. Ever since, she’s been stretching herself to see where her path will take her next.

The life lessons outlined in the full feature (read it here):

  1. There’s no right way to live
  2. Take life one small step at a time (which talks about her acting)
  3. You don’t have to be all things (which touches on the kind of acting she likes best)
  4. The best pairings come naturally (which talks about her relationship with Peter Krause)
  5. Happiness happens in the small moments (on her very domestic life)
  6. Value kindness over all else (which is one of the reasons she loves Gilmore Girls)
  7. Every failure is a chance to grow (including insight on a recent pilot she wrote which didn’t get picked up)

Image credit: Brian Bowen Smith for Good Housekeeping


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