What Was Logan Doing for the Past 9 Years?


One of the questions I’ve asked many cast members in my own interviews, and which is being asked of many actors, is “What did your character do for the past 9 years?” For many in Stars Hollow, it’s been “not much.” We return to Stars Hollow, and to the lives of many, as if they’ve been kind of stuck in place. In part, this reflects the small-town nature of Stars Hollow. In part this respects what we, as fans, know of our characters. 

For characters who “left” to do something, we see more evolution. We see Rory returning after having lived abroad for the whole time. And for Logan? Here’s what Matt Czuchry has to say:

Matt believes Logan would do “what we would expect” of him, namely having adventures, traveling the world, and being “entrenched” in business with his father. He does promise we’ll have “resolution” for Logan as well.


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