Alexis & Lauren’s Relationship Has Never Been Mother-Daughter


In an interview with Women and Hollywood, Lauren Graham & Alexis Bledel were asked to describe their relationship in real life:

AB: [We’re colleagues] — [Lauren] is someone [I’ve] worked with for a long time and [we] have a mutual understanding.

LG: We’ve never been like mother-daughter. It has always been a partnership. We always worked well together and we have tremendous respect for each other. When Alexis started on the show at age 19, she had a lot of composure. As work colleagues, it’s nicer to be on the same page and we always have been.

I think what Lauren Graham has to say is actually a reflection on Gilmore Girls as well. One of the appealing factors of the show was always the unique relationship dynamic between Lorelai and Rory. That the two were friends, and equals, with Rory sometimes more the “parent” in some ways (Lauren admits that her character had a period of ‘arrested development,’ that she was “still a teenager” in some ways) and Lorelai more the “parent” in other ways. The fact that, in real life, the relationship started on this footing is perhaps what has always made this on-screen dynamic feel natural. 

In another interview, Alexis hypothesizes that being so different is part of the key to the Lorelai & Rory chemistry

They’re so different, like The Odd Couple. They have opposite personalities and preferences, but there are enough overlaps in their habits that make them able to hang out as friends. They really compliment one another and are each really distinctly drawn characters in their own right, so you care about both of them as well as what they mean to each other.

What do you think?

Although unrelated to this lovely thought, the interview also highlights that Sutton Foster will “provide a turning point for Lorelai” to send her along on her journey. This is quite a new revelation about the character that Sutton will be playing!


One thought on “Alexis & Lauren’s Relationship Has Never Been Mother-Daughter

  • November 24, 2016 at 1:48 pm

    Without sounding like a complete arse and not wanting to cause offence… alexis? You were a baby when you joined the Gilmore girls group. You cannot have a mutual, respectful relationship with a grown up, talented, beautiful actress like Lauren without her having to kick your butt at some point. As grown up as you thought you were? She must have shown you the way lol…. (it doesn’t ACTUALLY shine out of your butt you know) and if you ever think at any point you’re better???? Oooops. did ms patties ballerinas accidentally on purpose practice their pirouettes and trip you in your pretty little butt??? Tut tut tut. Pride always comes before a fall


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