Sean Gunn Shares What Makes Kirk So Relatable


Sean Gunn recently spoke with EW about his inspiration for Kirk, one of the most unique characters on Gilmore Girls. From his quirky personality and penchant for creating conflict to his series of odd-jobs, Kirk personifies the unique charms of Stars Hollow.

Sean Gunn first notes that Kirk wasn’t always very “Kirk,” but that he evolved. We know, in fact, that Kirk wasn’t even Kirk in his first episode, he was “Mick.”

“When I first read the script for the very first episode I ever did, I had a strong sense that I understood the tone of the show. I’d been a fan of old film comedies like Preston Sturges and Howard Hawks movies — the fast-paced dialogue in movies like His Girl Friday and Bringing Up Baby and Twentieth Century and Sullivan’s Travels. And I got that there was a sense of that tone in this show.

I like physical comedy and I like precise old school comedy, and I think that’s what [show creator] Amy [Sherman-Palladino] likes as well, and she writes incredibly well for that. There was just a nice rhythm between us with her as the writer and me as the actor that just worked. In terms of what an oddball Kirk is, that just grew at some point. I don’t know where that comes from. It made sense to me somehow.

From playing Jesus to A Film by Kirk to night terrors, Sean Gunn shares that he had many favourite moments playing Kirk. Sean Gunn says the key to Kirk is that he’s relatable, that you “either know someone like Kirk” or feel like Kirk yourself sometimes:

“Everybody can relate to that feeling that, ‘I’m having one of those days where I’m not doing anything right.’ And Kirk feels like that all the time. He wants so desperately to do the right thing and to be loved and respected but he just can’t seem to get it right.”


On the infamous photo of Kirk sitting at the table for Friday Night Dinner, Sean Gunn shares:

“That was very fun to shoot. Over the whole course of the series I almost never got to work with Kelly Bishop, and she’s such a master. She’s such a brilliant actress, so it was nice to be able to interact with her a little more.”

Also, to see why Sean Gunn plays the BEST Kirk ever, you have to read his Haute Living profile, where he talks about the best parts of LA (as himself) and the best parts of Stars Hollow (as Kirk). The best. Just look at these 4!

Occupation: see attached booklet
Favorite Restaurant: Luke’s Diner
Best Sushi: Al’s Pancake World
Best Italian: Jess Mariano


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