Christian Borle Talks Pilgrims, Sutton Foster and the Stars Hollow Musical


Christian Borle was interviewed by Paul Wontorek on’s “Show People”, speaking primarily about his current Broadway show but also about his role on the upcoming Gilmore Girls Revival. playing opposite his ex-wife Sutton Foster in the Stars Hollow musical.  He and Sutton are currently the King and Queen of New York theatre, with her currently starring in Sweet Charity and him in Falsettos but going into Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this Spring playing Willy Wonka.

How did they get involved in the Gilmore Girls Revival?  He and Sutton became fans of the show while they were married and stuck in the Poconos one weekend, binge-watching the original series on DVD.  Years later, Sutton and her new husband, Ted Griffin, were having dinner with Dan and Amy Palladino who offered Sutton a role in the Revival.  Sutton mentioned that Christian was also a super-fan and asked if they could find it in their hearts to include him.  Dan said:

Done, got it, I already know what I’m going to do. It’s already written in my head. That’s it.

They reached out to Christian and made him Sutton’s co-star in the Stars Hollow musical.  Christian said:

We had so much fun.  The holding room was in Luke’s Cafe and it was really surreal and really really beautiful.


Despite being exes, they are very supportive of one another and love working together.

Sutton and I were first and foremost friends going back to college and then fans of each other’s work and always made each other laugh hysterically.  We shot there for two days.  We’d get there in the morning, rehearse these numbers.  We’d figure it out and make each other laugh hysterically and at one point we were dressed as pilgrims.  I could barely get through each and every take just because she is as you know one of the funniest people on the face of the earth.  So it was a dream, I can’t wait to see it, it’s going to be bizarre.


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