Backstage Secrets from Stars Hollow: The Musical!


Variety provided a video featurette where cast and crew of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life spill more beans on the Stars Hollow musical. 

Here are some highlights, first from Sally Struthers (Babette):

It’s crazy.  It’s a musical within a show that has the same name.

Marguerite Derricks (Choreographer for the Revival):

They’re doing hoe-down, little minuet.  It’s one of the wackiest things that I’ve ever choreographed.



They brought in the brilliant Sutton Foster and Christian Boyle, Borle, Boyle, I can’t say his name but he sure looks good.


As a choregrapher, you’re putting together ideas and steps and it’s really up to the performers to bring it to life and when you have Sutton and Christian bringing your work to life, it’s so magical.tesori-and-foster

Variety also interviewed Jeanine Tesori, composer of the songs for the musical.  Tesori got to know the Palladinos through Sutton Foster (star of Bunheads) and then they came on as producers for Tesori’s Broadway musical Violet, starring Foster:

And then out of the blue I got a call, and Amy said, “Can I send you some pages? We’re doing a musical inside the show,” and I thought, “Hell, yeah.” She said the first song plays in about a week. It’s a quick turnaround. They just started sending me lyrics. They sent me a big long monologue and I said, let me fashion lyrics out of it.

They never worked in the same room, as they were on different coasts:

Even though we’re not in the same room, their tone comes across in emails and texts. They’re hilarious. They love outrageous ideas. It was really fun and easy — and it’s often neither of those things. The way that the musical would go was that Taylor was really trying for it to be great. He’s writing what he thinks is a great musical. We started there and just bounced back and forth.

On working with Sutton Foster in this context:

I’ve been writing for Sutton since she was about 24, 25. I know her voice really well. That’s what makes it so quick. I know what her range is. I know what she can do. I’ve heard her sing hundreds and hundreds of songs. I like writing for specific voices so when I wrote her solo, I didn’t have to change keys. I know the timber of her voice. She’s got a big, big range so she’s really fun to write for. So is Christian. He sight sings. He was already making really funny choices as soon as he learned it. Not everybody can do that.

Tesori then joked about what’s next for her:

I think ‘Gilmore Girls: The Stage Musical’ is next. (Laughs.) That’s what I’m hoping. Fingers crossed.

Can you imagine it?  The lights go up, Lorelei enters Luke’s Diner and sings about wanting “More, More, More” coffee, with Kirk ready on his stool for his solo and dance break.



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  • November 19, 2016 at 6:02 pm

    Soooo happy to see Sutton involved in this – I miss Bunheads.


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