Luke and Lorelai’s Chemistry Equals Wedding Bells?


On, Scott Patterson and Lauren Graham commented on the fact that Luke and Lorelai complement one another despite the fact that they are very different.  According to Lauren:

There’s a chemistry there. Over time they really connect. They need each other as balance; she lightens him up and he roots her a little bit, but it took a while to get there.

Although frustrating, Scott understood why the writers took their time getting the couple together:

If you have something that combustible, that incendiary, milk it, just drag it out as long as you can because that’s the soul of drama.


A decade later, will the writers finally allow them to get married?  Daniel Cabrera of Bustle takes an image of Luke in a tuxedo, shown in a new Gilmore Girls teaser, as a sign that the time has come.  The clip in question is very short, with a tuxedoed Luke looking on and smiling while Alexis yelps in excitement at Jess, although it’s not clear why.  Daniel thinks Jess has shown up for his uncle’s wedding.  He also thinks that each episode of the Revival being set in different seasons gives us another clue:

The metaphors here are just too strong. Since the series begins with the winter episode and ends with the fall episode, I feel like the fall season represents something ‘final’ in the revival (much, and a fall wedding fits perfectly in the Gilmore Girls aesthetic. What could be more final for Luke and Lorelai after all these years?

Many of the actors have described the Revival as providing closure.  Does that mean closure on Luke and Lorelai’s relationship?  We’ll have to wait and see.


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