Cast and Fans on What Makes Gilmore Girls So Special


USA Today posted a video featuring interviews conducted by Time at the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest.  Cast and fans were asked “What makes Gilmore Girls so special?”  Here are some excerpts:

Jackson Douglas:

It’s core philosophy is about real things.  Struggles we have all gone through.


Keiko Agena:

Gilmore Girls is a really special show.  I think we knew it right from when we read the pilot script. I hope other people like it as much as we like it.  Is it possible?

Sean Gunn:

I love the writing in the show so much and as an actor, it is such a gift to work on material that is so incredibly well written.


This script was like [gasping] I love it, like I got teary, it grabbed me, I could see all of it.



 Nobody on the show has any shame about who they are and I think we all wish as people we could be more like that.

A fan:

 Rory’s speech to her mom at her high school graduation saying that she filled the house with love and movies and books and gave a bunch of different role models kind of really resonated with me.



 Having that sort of relationship with one of your parents is wonderful.

Another fan:

 It’s perfect.  It gets you through the worst times.  A mother is a girl’s best friend.  That’s what the show teaches you.


One thought on “Cast and Fans on What Makes Gilmore Girls So Special

  • November 17, 2016 at 2:07 pm

    For me is the relationships. Mother-daughter, friendship, romance. The show has it all and everybody can find themselves in some character at one point or another. It’s funny and real and fast. GG is perfect.


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