Gilmore Girls Profiled by EW


People has just put together a fun video about Gilmore Girls, giving us a behind-the-scenes look at a new series of photoshoots with the cast and some interviews for a feature ‘EW Reunites the Gilmore Girls.

The video includes an overview of how Gilmore Girls was created and what has made it so appealing to fans, a look at the cast before they were on Gilmore Girls, but also includes interviews with the cast. It’s a really beautiful piece. Plus, the look at the photoshoot is amazing! The profile does a good job setting out how the ‘pieces’ of the puzzle came together, including how they cast Alexis, then Lauren then Kelly, and then touching on many others in the cast. There is a huge section of the interview devoted to Rory’s love life, so for all of you who are thinking about the whole #TeamDean, #TeamJess, #TeamLogan discussion, tune in. Alexis has something very insightful to say!

Here are some photos from the photoshoot, since it looks amazing! Final photoshoot images are available on Entertainment Weekly here.

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While we’re on topic with interviews, Sean Gunn went live with CNN to talk about Gilmore Girls, sharing

what it was like to be back and touching on some of the teasers we’ve seen about Kirk (Friday Night Dinner, the pig). Sean Gunn says he’s “not too surprised” by where Kirk is and that Kirk is still “emphatically Kirk,” though he has moved a little bit in life. And Sean Gunn does confirm that Rini Bell confirms, though does not comment on the Kirk / Lulu relationship.


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  • November 17, 2016 at 12:04 pm

    Wait. What happened to Scott Patterson’s hair?

    Loved the interview by the way :)


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