The Palladinos Wanted Marty Back


Earlier this year, Wayne Wilcox, the actor who plays Marty (aka ‘The Naked Guy’) on Gilmore Girls gave an interview about how, just perhaps, we should all be #TeamMarty. He thought, like many out there, that Marty was quirky and smart and considerate: an obviously good fit for Rory. And, despite the fact that he never really got his chance, many loved his character on the show. Including Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino.

Amy was recently quoted as saying “we absolutely tried” to get Wayne Wilcox back:

[But] organically it just didn’t fit in. We love Wayne.”

Dan Palladino adds that if each of the 90-minute chapters had been extended to 2-hours each, it’s likely we would have seen a return of Marty.

Sad news, though I am still super impressed at how many characters the Palladinos did manage to bring back!


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