Liza Weil says Gilmore Girls Made it Cool to be a Smart Girl


Liza Weil was asked by Marie Claire whether she appreciated how progressive Gilmore Girls was, using the example of how Paris broke up with Doyle so that their relationship would not interfere with her choice of career:

“I think that Gilmore Girls did so many things well, and it was a very feminist show in a time when that wasn’t really being portrayed at all. The show made it cool to be a smart girl. That certainly wasn’t happening at the time—you were surrounded by beauty shows and teen soap operas. Gilmore Girls felt very apart from everything else that was happening.”

Regarding the question of Team Dean or Jess, Liza says that Amy sees the past boyfriends as serving a purpose at certain points in Rory’s life, but the story is more about Rory’s journey:

“…Amy does a really, really smart thing in terms of how she’s portraying Rory. I was very impressed with how she was able to tap into those periods in life where you’re feeling a little lost and unsettled. I think you’ll find these people are still trying to figure it out in a lot of ways.”

Liza was nervous about returning:

“I was completely freaked out to go back. I haven’t played this person in 10 years. I’m a very self-critical and nervous person anyway, so it was daunting. Amy and Dan have such strong voices, and the characters are so well-formed in their writing, but yeah, I feel a considerable amount of pressure.”

She says that it’s inevitable not all fans will be satisfied:

“The die-hard fans out there were really craving a different kind of ending than was given to them, and Amy and Dan have come up with some satisfying things. But you can’t please everyone, I’m sure there’s going to be some haters.”

Liza concludes by saying there could be further installments:

“…the way it ends may feel open-ended. We’ll see.”


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