Gilmore Tidbits from EW PopFest: Fave Characters, Mr. Robot, Pretty Little Liars and Rory’s Underwear


Here is a roundup of coverage from EW PopFest’s panel featuring Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino. A bit of a Spoiler Alert! featured an article regarding Amy’s answer when asked her favorite character to write for:

“I liked Grocery Guy No. 2.”

Getting a bit more serious, she answered:

“I love me a little Emily Gilmore, I gotta say. I love me a little Paris Gellar, I gotta say.”

Dan then commented on his favorites:

“We could have done eight hours with just Paris walking around the streets interacting.  Kirk also.  It could go on forever.  We love all our regular characters but when a guy like Michael Winters, who plays Taylor, he’s great too — because he’s our sort of right-wing, oblivious guy that is really, really fun to write for.”

Also at, there was an article about Amy naming stars who got their breaks on Gilmore Girls including Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation), Jon Hamm (Mad Men), and:

“…the kid from Mr. Robot!  We gave him his first job!  You’re welcome for that Emmy! Thank you!”

She was referring to Rami Malek who recently won an Emmy Award as Outstanding Leading Actor in a Drama Series (Mr. Robot) and appeared on Gilmore Girls playing Andy, a member of Lane’s bible study group in Episode 11 of Season Four titled “In the Clamor and the Clangor”.

gilmore-girls-rami-malek illuminated the connection between Pretty Little Liars and Gilmore Girls.  Dan explained how the Burbank backlot had to be transformed back into Stars Hollow:

“It’s basically a shell now, it’s the Pretty Little Liars backlot… so we had to transform it. There was no Luke’s diner, no nothing, so to see it slowly turning back into Stars Hollow was cool.”

Amy commented that the Gilmore Mansion never seemed quite large enough, especially with Edward Herrmann being such a tall man walking through and making it look like a dollhouse.  For the revival, there’s a touch of sadness in that they enlarged the mansion, but:

“Now it was finally big enough for Ed, and he wasn’t there.”

Finally, based on exclusive footage of the revival shown at the PopFest, found out why Rory can’t find her underwear.  It turns out that she was living in Brooklyn, but moved out of her apartment:

“I just wish I had remembered to label my boxes. Because now I know where nothing is. My books, my coat, my underwear!”

Of which Lorelai asks:

“You have no idea where your underwear is? You’ve been without your underwear since you moved?”


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