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Gilmore Girls and Netflix have done a great job at their promotion and social media engagement with the upcoming release of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life; but this new addition takes the cake with the amount of detail, creativity, and overall ability to make each and every fan feel like a resident of Stars Hollow. The Town of Stars Hollow website or has countless nooks and crannies that unlock the different sights and sounds of Stars Hollow. I decided to look around the website to find out the best, hidden gems the site has to offer.

  1. The Visitors Guide to Stars Hollow 
    On the home page of the website there is a ton to explore! One of my favorite buttons is the visitors guide located on the left of the screen. After clicking on the link, you are led to a YouTube video of a season one summary which provides the perfect introduction to the show and town for a new fan or a nostalgic trip for longtime fans of the show. Thankfully, Netflix provided a playlist to follow the season one summary that includes summaries of all of the seasons so fans can catch up and receive a little bit of a refresher on the show’s best and worst moments. Whether you’re a first time watcher or on your 7th re-watch like I am, the visitors guide does a great job of transporting you into the town and making you feel right at home in Stars Hollow. 
  2. Dear Kirk
    Kirk Gleason is cooking up another job in Stars Hollow… this time in the form of an advice column and questionnaire for fans. It’s as simple as clicking a button to send your favorite towns member a question. Also located on the homepage, a dear Kirk advertisement is on the far right and ready to receive your deepest and darkest curiosities about pretty much anything. After clicking on the button, your email application pops up with Kirk’s email address ( and a blank email awaiting your question! Look out for a response on the Stars Hollow website under the Town Updates section! The first batch of answers are hilarious!
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  3. The Black & White & Read Bookshop
    Did you ever want to attend movie night with the Gilmore Girls in their home or the residents of Stars Hollow in the local movie theater? Well, now is your chance. By clicking on the box on the far right of the home page you are automatically transported to a movie on Netflix. This week Stars Hollow (probably Kirk) has chosen the 1980’s classic Heathers. Next week it could be one of the other 500 movies referenced in the series. So grab your oversized popcorn and red vines and sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. 
  4. The Stars Hollow Bookstore 
    Gilmore Girls not only referenced an insane amount of movies throughout the series, but also a surreal amount of books. Rory Gilmore is mentioned reading a record 339 books in her seven years on-screen. Ranging from classics like Jane Eyre and Moby Dick to children’s stories such as Alice and Wonderland and Charlotte’s Web, Rory Gilmore had an extensive library of books up her sleeve. Due to this, the Rory Gilmore Book Challenge has emerged and now, thanks to a list provided by Buzzfeed (if you click on the bookstore advertisement it leads you here), fans can complete the challenge by reading every book mentioned in the series. Open the link, go to your local bookstore, library or kindle, and start reading! 
  5. Directory 
    This list would not be complete without the addition of the Stars Hollow directory. With over 20 shops and restaurants in Stars Hollow, it can be a little challenging to keep up with what restaurant has the best hamburgers (not Jojo’s) or what shop is the best place to buy books (Stars Hollow Book Store – not the Black & White & Read bookshop). Now with the directory, all of your questions about Stars Hollow can be answered and found in a convenient place, especially if you need tips for your next visit. For example, you can find out that Luke Danes did not want to be a part of the directory, but was included anyway or that you can get a Condoleezza Rice or sheep mailbox from Kirk’s post office services. 

With each click of a button there’s more to explore on the Stars Hollow website, so I encourage you to click on the link and see if you can find any neat features! If you do, let us know in the comments so everyone can enjoy the wonders of Stars Hollow. 

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Things to Explore on the Town of Stars Hollow Website

  • October 14, 2016 at 1:23 pm

    It was a good idea create a Stars Hollow website but the fans didn’t learned anything new about the revival

  • October 17, 2016 at 8:24 am

    Longtime obsessive G.G. fan here! Cannot wait for revival
    , however…. not everyone uses Netflix!! Wonder, can I just watch the revival, without joining Netflix persay???? I just want the new shows and that is it, as I have satellite tv. Actually, I am certain we will be able to purchase them on Blue ray or DVD.

    Also, if not for this WONDERFUL website, I would not have even heard of the Starshollow website, so KUDOS to the guys who run this website. You are doing what all of the lazy G.G. fans would do, if we were not so lazy.



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