Scott Patterson on Fitting into the Gilmore Girls Rhythm


On a show where “everyone” speaks quickly, it can be hard to be the one intentionally speaking slower. Scott Patterson recently explained to Vulture that Luke was deliberately characterized for not speaking as quickly as Lorelai and Rory. 

“The acting challenge is to not get caught up in their rhythm,” Patterson said, “yet not deter from the pace of the scene. That was the tricky part.

I’d do it by picking up my cues and — you know, I had to be smoother because they had this much dialogue [motions a big chunk with his hands], and then I would have that much dialogue [motions a small chunk]. It’s just the rat-a-tat-tat, no gaps, no pausing, no nothing. They end a sentence here, and you start talking there before they end it.”

Speaking of Scott Patterson, I just had to share this gem of a quite from Milo Ventimiglia, when asked who he was most looking forward to working with again:

“It would have to be Scott Patterson. The one thing that I always loved about being on set with him was how dedicated to the work he was and kind of how ornery he was. So if I was there to bust his chops again, fifteen years later, it made me happy.”

You can see the video here:


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