Liza Weil Talks About The Return of Paris


Liza Weil, who currently stars in the popular How to Get Away With Murder as Bonnie, and recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the drama to come in that series, as well as what it was like to return to Gilmore Girls. Liza also gives us a little hint about what Paris may be like today.

Although many die-hard Gilmore Girls fans have a difficult time disassociating Liza Weil from her Paris character, Liza says that luckily that intensity did not begin during the filming:

I was very young when I started it, and it took me through my entire 20s. There was always a very intense fan base surrounding that show, but it really wasn’t until a couple of years ago when it came on Netflix that it was in the world in a different way. When we were filming the show, we never felt that we were playing iconic characters. Luckily, that’s not something I had to deal with while I was on the show because that would have been overwhelming in a way that I don’t know if I would have been equipped for. It’s been sort of a lovely gift to have it live on and not be doing the job at the same time. Coming back to it was a strange thing because I wrapped season two of How to Get Away With Murder, and two days later I was on-site as Paris Geller. So it was almost hard to make sure that Bonnie wasn’t showing up in Paris and the other way around. 

There are strong indicators that Paris & Doyle (played by Liza Weil and Danny Strong) are still together and that they have two children, taken care of by a Portuguese Nanny, in fitting with Paris’ own back story. We also knew that Paris was in medical school when the show ended, so there was the assumption that Paris is now a doctor. Liza shares a little more:

I will say that Paris Geller is doing more than just medicine. As she can.

It’s great to have the hint that Paris is still just as much of a dynamic overachiever as ever! If she is a parent (still unsure) and juggling both medicine and something “more,” as quoted above, she’s juggling a lot! Liza says that it was “great fun to be able to play her again.”

For fans of both series, Liza shares this distinction between Paris and Bonnie:

Certainly in the beginning, Bonnie and Paris present similarly in that they are very driven women who have a really intense work ethic. They are both highly intelligent and a bit ruthless. The biggest thing for me that really made them different was once I had the reveal of what Bonnie’s backstory was. That is a pretty staggering difference. Paris Geller grew up in privilege, and Bonnie was working every day to overcome one of the worst traumas that a person can experience. Also the tones of the shows are pretty different. There are a lot of die-hard Gilmore Girls fans out there on social media who say they will never see me as anything other than Paris Geller, which is a compliment, but certainly as an actor, there is a sting to that. So it was a great development for me to be able to have such a difference come to life.

In the videos where Gilmore Girls stars celebrated Luke’s Day and the 16th Birthday of Gilmore Girls, the “We’re Back” Featurette, Liza Weil was interviewed on-set outside the Chilton set wearing the same jacket in the photo she shared with co-star Danny Strong. Liza was among the first to reveal some hints that scenes would be filmed at Chilton, and we’ve seen that Rory is also back at Chilton. We also know that Emily Bergl (Francie) and Dakin Matthews (Headmaster Charleston) are set to return for the Chilton scenes, so many speculate that there is an alumni guest-speaker event. 


3 thoughts on “Liza Weil Talks About The Return of Paris

  • October 11, 2016 at 4:14 pm

    I really hope Paris has a nice family and is still friends with Rory she deserves to have a good life!

  • October 11, 2016 at 7:22 pm

    I love Paris a lot (not through the whole series, though) but I could draw the line between her and Bonnie. For me, it was like two completely different actress.
    With Lauren, for example, that never happened. I keep watching her and thinking ‘wow, she is speaking so slowly’.
    But I’m soooo looking forward to see what Paris and Doyle are up to.
    Btw, I wonder if the path Paris chose is what ASP would like to have changed.


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