‘Fall’ Will Be the Most Emotional ‘Episode’ In Revival


Today is all about Gilmore Girls! Along with the amazing script preview from EW, and the new photo and interview I just shared, we have more new spoilers with another exclusive scoop from TVLine, where we are given the insight that each ‘episode’ or Season will have its own emotional journey, but the finale (Fall) is the most dramatic:

“Each one has a fairly big journey and are pretty distinct from each other,” she explains, singling out “Fall” — aka the revival’s quasi finale — as the installment that packs the most profound narrative punch. “‘Fall’ has the biggest events,” Amy Sherman-Palladino shares. “It’s the culmination of the journey, so there are a lot of moments. And a lot of soul-searching and resolution. ‘Fall’ is very emotional.’”

Of course, even the utterance of the famed 4 words will be an emotional occasion. Lauren Graham quips that it won’t be “Good bye Stars Hollow,” which is what she had expected!

According to the mini interview, Amy Sherman-Palladino spent a lot of time designing and planning the first shot of the premiere scene in Winter, the first of the four 90-minute ‘episodes’ or mini-movies that make up the Netflix revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. She explains:

It will be the first time we’ve seen Stars Hollow in a while, so I needed things to look a very specific way.”

Amy always was one for considering every last detail! It’s what has given us fans many years of discussions on a show that has been off-air for so long!


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