Gilmore Girls Teaser Will Not Be in Revival


Yesterday we were treated to the first new footage of Gilmore Girls for the Netflix revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Only, it turns out that the footage is not for the revival! The scene where Lorelai wonders if Amy Schumer / John Oliver like her was created specifically as a teaser and will not appear in any of the new Netflix episodes. 

You know, I like that the footage is unique. It gives us a glimpse into the everyday life of Rory & Lorelai without in any way spoiling the episodes to come! In my interview recently with Jackson Douglas, he mentioned there were additional red herring scenes shot for Gilmore Girls that will never actually air!

Plus, the public reactions of both Amy Schumer and John Oliver have been the best. John’s reaction is at about the 6-minute mark. 


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