Nick Holmes Shares Intimate Look at David Sutcliffe; Publishes Poetry Book


Nick Holmes, Robert of the Life & Death Brigade, recently shared a series of photographs he took of Gilmore Girls co-star David Sutcliffe (Christopher). The portraits are quite amazing. I recently interviewed Nick about his time on Gilmore Girls and what it was like to return to filming for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. In the interview, Nick mentioned he was near completing a book of poetry, which is now available. Read on for more. 

More David.

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Look at this beautiful human.

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Time Spent Falling is Nick Holmes’ debut book of poetry. The description of the novel was penned by Virginia Madsen as follows: 

In many ways, poetry is the music of literature. It often reflects the changing moods and trends in society. But somewhere along the way, we have lost the gift of language. TIME SPENT FALLING is reminiscent of a time when that gift was treasured. In rich tones, the reader travels through a world of sensual discovery; an awakening heart with a deep sense of longing. This is not a book about a couple. It is the point of view of a man alone who desires the rain as much as he wants to fly too close to the sun.

Nick Holmes self published the 104 page book of poems. You can buy it on Amazon here.


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