Keiko Agena Attends Movie Premiere & Teases Gilmore Girls Preview


Keiko Agena, who I had the pleasure of interviewing recently, stepped out this week to attend a premiere for her movie, The Sweet Life, (more on that below), but she also recently gave us a teaser of the new Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life 4-part mini-series coming soon to Netflix! Keiko recently went back in to re-record some dialogue, a common part of the post-production process for a show. The process, “ADR” or additional or automated dialogue replacement, helps create additional atmospheric characteristics, sounds and dialogue to supplement the scene and is often important when scenes are crowded. 

In order to sync up her dialogue, Keiko was able to preview a little bit of the Winter episode, which is the first episode to come back in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. The ADR screenshot shows a scene with “Rory and Lane.” She says the preview was great!

My #FirstLook at the episode. #gilmoregirls ADR. Good Job everybody!

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Keiko will appear in all 4 episodes of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Keiko also appeared yesterday at the premiere of the movie The Sweet Life starring Chris Messina and Abigail Spencer. The Rob Spera dramedy premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Keiko mentioned on her Facebook page that she has a small part in the film:

And here are some photos from June 2nd of Keiko at the Television Academy’s 70th Anniversary Gala!


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