What Trouble Does Jess Get Up To In The Revival?


On the circuit promoting his new web series, Relationship Status, Milo Ventimiglia has let slip a couple of gems about the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival. 

In an interview with MTV, Milo shares his personal beliefs about Jess and his own dating style, which would not likely use an app like Tinder! We have to agree with his analysis:

“I think Jess was a little too old-school [for a dating app],” Ventimiglia explained. “Not old-fashioned like in [a] chivalrous, lay-a-coat-over-a-puddle kind of way, but old-school in that he never struck me as the guy who’s dependent on a phone. He was analog, he wasn’t digital.

I think Jess would have probably fallen in love with whoever he bumped into on the street and found a connection with,” Ventimiglia continued, “or [at] a library or a bookstore or a punk club or something like that. I almost feel like there would have [to be] a moment … just purely coincidence on the streets.”

I can imagine Jess bumping into someone at a cafe or bookstore or record store, something offbeat for sure. While this doesn’t exactly give us into the Jess of today, it does give us some insight into how Jess may have been for the past 9 years, living his life as an author. 

On being back for Gilmore Girls, Milo has previously been quoted as saying he was there to “push the ball forward for some folks in Stars Hollow,” and he now says that Jess is there to “cause some trouble,” which is quite intriguing! What kind of trouble are you brewing this time, Jess?! There are some who are guessing that Milo’s outfit in these photos suggests that Jess was perhaps crashing a big event. 

Would Milo be Team Jess, Team Dean or Team Logan?

“I always say I’m Team Dean, but that’s also because I love Jared Padalecki so much. He’s the greatest guy in the world.”

Milo has only great things to say about being back on set:

“It was kind of like visiting your elementary school again, where you see how small the desks are and the lockers and whatnot,” Ventimiglia said about being back on set. “For me, being on the Warner Bros. lot is very nostalgic. That, I always say, is the studio that raised me. … I’m excited for people to see what we did.”


3 thoughts on “What Trouble Does Jess Get Up To In The Revival?

  • April 23, 2016 at 11:21 pm

    mmm from what we know, doens’t sound like there are troubles ahead for Luke or L/L ….so guess whatever trouble Jess is there to cause, it has to be about Rory. Interesting …

  • April 24, 2016 at 4:50 am

    I sense some Rory/Jess(/maybe Logan?) drama coming …

  • April 24, 2016 at 1:12 pm

    Give me hope, Milo! #teamJess
    If he causes trouble for Rory, that means she is not over him :)) (never was)


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