Melissa McCarthy Always Wanted to Be Back For Gilmore Girls


Melissa McCarthy made fans everywhere rejoice when she announced her return to Gilmore Girls for the Gilmore Girls: Seasons revival on Netflix, after many long weeks of waiting and a great deal of speculation. While Melissa initially referred to a “strange” situation that led to her not being invited back for the revival, she was nothing but excited in sharing the good news of her return.

It was never the intention of show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino for this strange situation to occur, having always wanted Melissa on board, but it’s likely that assumptions and miscommunication were to blame. Thankfully, both parties came to the table and they worked hard on making it happen. In a recent interview, Melissa’s good friend and co-star Yanic Truesdale shared a little more context to the miscommunication:

“She didn’t need to be talked into it! She wanted to do it from the start,” he explains of the obstacles preventing the Ghostbusters star from reprising her star-making role. “It was miscommunication, from what I understand, and also her scheduling,” he continues. “They figured it out, clearly, and there’s no one that is happier than me.”

Since the confirmation did not come right away, scenes had to be written for Melissa McCarthy’s return. Yanic shares that he doesn’t know, but he assumes that his character, Michel, will share a scene with Sookie for her return.

“I think Amy [Sherman-Palladino] knows what she will be writing but it hasn’t been written from what I know,” he says. “Melissa’s storylines were always at the Inn with me so I really doubt that we wouldn’t have a scene together.”

As for being back on set, Yanic shares that it has been wonderful:

“It had been a long time and as an actor you’re trained to move on once a project, a play, a show, has ended, so I thought Gilmore Girls was in the past—even though I live with it on a daily basis with fans and people talking to me every day about it or about my character. So the show’s impact was still very much in my life,” he says. “But to go back on set, on the set that was destroyed and rebuilt the same, there’s a very strange feeling to it. It’s like going back to a house that you grew up in, but at the same time it’s exciting because you have another shot that’s something that was very meaningful and had impacted a lot of people. It’s exciting to have something new to give to the fans!”


2 thoughts on “Melissa McCarthy Always Wanted to Be Back For Gilmore Girls

  • April 23, 2016 at 10:27 pm

    Hmmm, Melissa’s storylines were NOT always at the Inn! They were at her house, they were at Lorelai’s house, they were at town meetings, etc. so who knows if Melissa and Yanic will be in the same scene or not, but it DOES seem that “Sookie” is going to be seen ONCE and that’s sad. I understand over 40 cast members have said yes to the Revival and there are only the equivalent of six episodes time-wise (four 90-minute shows), but they COULD have at least shot a couple of scenes for two different seasons so it would make it seem like she’s still there in Stars Hollow. Oh well, I’m just a viewer and a fan. Nobody really cares what we think.

  • April 26, 2016 at 1:33 am

    If they didn’t care what we thought, the show wouldn’t be coming back. Unlike most of the networks, Netflix understands obsessive fans :-)

    The quote from Yanic wasn’t that MM’s scenes were all at the Inn but that the scenes they had together were at the Inn.

    “Melissa’s storylines were always at the Inn with me so I really doubt that we wouldn’t have a scene together.”

    “With me” being the important bit. And they mostly were, except after Davey was born and they moved the Dragonfly meeting to Sookie’s but Michel had to sit on the porch because he’d sneezed.

    So excited that nearly everyone’s back now. (Still holding out for Madeline and Louise!)


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