Lauren Graham and Sam Pancake On Set


Sam Pancake is one of the newest actors to join the cast of Gilmore Girls and has been on set for many days, so he must have a great role. His character is credited as “Donald,” who will be a “fun character,” which we can totally see. Sam Pancake and Lauren Graham are offline friends, which you can totally see in this new photo he posted from the set yesterday! His post states:

“Verryy happy that Missy Mac is Back! Very lucky to be playing a new guy in Stars Hollow. (Looong shoot nights at Miss Patty’s notwithstanding😉)”

You may recognize Sam from the earlier photo shared by co-star Biff Yeager, as he hilariously joined the background of his selfie:

Sam, photographed in our guest actors grid during his beard days, is an actor and comedian best known for combining his talents into projects such as The Hungover Games.
What do you think we can expect from ‘Donald’ on Gilmore Girls?


2 thoughts on “Lauren Graham and Sam Pancake On Set

  • April 9, 2016 at 10:27 pm

    Wasn’t Donald Lorelei’s friend that owned the B and B but then moved or something? That was right after Lorelei called off her and Max’s wedding. What if it’s the same guy?


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