David Sutcliffe Shares His Journey to Finding Himself


David Sutcliffe, who plays Christopher on Gilmore Girls and who WILL be returning to the Netflix revival, Gilmore Girls: Seasons, recently sat down with Cash Peters for The Life Quiz podcast. The episode is titled ‘The Actor Who Dared to Be Fully Alive.

The hour-long interview gives you some great insight into David as a person, including his incredible self-awareness that was fostered through a group therapy led by Ann Bradney called Radical Aliveness. Inspired by it, David made an 11-part documentary web series called ‘Group’ and continues to share many insights through Twitter.

For those of you only interested in Gilmore Girls, at around the 20-minute mark, David talks about the fan recognition he still gets for being a part of the series and how, because he’s always had such pride for the show, the recognition and love has always felt great.

David has struggled over the years with what it means to be an actor, and this interview gives you a great deal of insight into this. Even during times of great success, he felt unhappy and unsatisfied and it was only through his group therapy that gave him greater understanding into himself.

So, if you ever wanted to get to know David as a person, this interview is a great place to start. And if you get something from the insights shared in the interview, even better.


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  • April 6, 2016 at 4:47 pm

    In the words of Lauren Graham: “BABE ALERT”


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