Sean Gunn Back in Stars Hollow


Sean Gunn was one of the first actors confirmed to return to the Gilmore Girls revival for Netflix, Gilmore Girls: Seasons. After all, what would Stars Hollow be without our beloved Kirk?! We are so glad he could make it back, as Sean has had a busy filming schedule lately, playing 3 characters in the past 3 days… in 2 different States. Busy!

Although we don’t know how many episodes Sean will be returning for, we do have this photo he shared on set last night. Sean posted:

“First day on a new set last night. Somehow it felt oddly familiar… #starshollow”

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Since Sean got his own chair for the set, we can only hope this means he has committed to more than one episode. No word yet on whether we’ll see either Lulu (played by actress Rini Bell) or ‘Cat Kirk’ back for the revival.r

For those who don’t have their own chairs, they at least get the beautiful Gilmore Girls font! Co-star Mike Gandolfi, who plays Andrew on Gilmore Girls, shared his own “cast” chair. ;)

Yeah, I got my own chair on the set today #showbiz #andrew

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