Mystery Girl Now Has Mom


Earlier this month, we revealed the photo of a “mystery child” on Gilmore Girls. Played by actress Olivia Jellen, the character drew a lot of attention initially. Was she Martha, the daughter of Sookie & Jackson? Could she be a child of Paris & Doyle? Or even Luke & Lorelai? Given the time span we’re talking about, there was a lot of speculation, but not all of it was plausible.

In my official list of Gilmore Girls Roles & Actors, which I keep updated just below the list of confirmed Gilmore Girls actors, I list Olivia as possibly the daughter of a new character, Phil. I believe Paris & Doyle do have kids, but I believe them to be the 7 and 5 year olds (but this is not confirmed, just a logical guess – see here). Olivia is definitely not young enough for that role. And we can now confirm she has a different – and new – mother!

Actress Lisa Marie posted this photo to Instagram with the caption:

“Got to play this little cutie’s @sofia_olivia_jellen mom on the upcoming #gilmoregirls #gilmoregirlsrevival I know what you’re thinking “how dare they cast you as a mom. Clearly You are too young and vivacious.” My sentiments exactly. But hey, I am also very much Latina and stats show we have babies when we are still babies. So its possible. It was worth it putting on mom jeans for this little cutie superstar though! #ilovekids #sometimes #actor #setlife”

So, it looks like Lisa is playing a new character on Gilmore Girls!


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