Vanessa Marano Hopes She Can Redeem April

Vanessa Marano confirmed her return to Gilmore Girls recently, to mixed reactions online. While many of us have nothing but respect for Vanessa as an actress, her character, April Nardini, was the centre of a storyline that none of us liked: the break-up of Luke and Lorelai. As such, Vanessa has always faced criticism for her role on the show. As a die-hard *fan* of the show, Vanessa opened up in an interview about what it’s like to be back filming the Netflix revival, Gilmore Girls: Seasons:

“I feel so insanely lucky and I’m so excited. I can’t believe that I got to be on my favorite show once, but it gets to happen again.

It’s still mind-blowing and weird, but in the best way. I don’t even know how to describe it — it’s a weird, twisted high school reunion in some type of way.”

On becoming April again:

“It’s so much fun to be back as April because she’s such a weirdo. I missed it. I missed her so much. I got back on set and we had this entire conversation about if she should still be wearing glasses or if she shouldn’t. I told them all I wanted her to wear glasses. It’s nostalgic for me, so April is back and she is wearing her glasses. It’s funny to see that now she’s different, at 22, but yet, she’s not different at all. She’s still just a little weirdo.”

Vanessa shares that she connected with Amy Sherman-Palladino as soon as she heard a revival was in the works, as a “huge fan of the show,” who is an admitted “nerd about the show” just like us, she was just hoping to be a part of it again. As you can read into her interview, it’s very obvious that Vanessa has huge opinions on the characters, as a true fan would. 

“a lot of people’s beef, and my beef with April, was the fact that she broke those two up. It was a difficult place to be as a fan of the show because on the one hand, I loved my character and I loved that I got to play her on my favorite show, and then on the other hand, she contributed to the demise of my favorite on-screen couple. I was tortured.”

April nardini

Vanessa, now 23, says her character April is done with college and faced with the prospect of grad school. As of this point in time in the revival, she’s just “being a part of the family,” not disrupting anything! She has grown and changed, though she’s still a “true little weirdo… but in the best way,” a combination that may win her back in hearts of viewers. 

As a true fan would, Vanessa weighs in on her favourite character (Lorelai) and her favourite couple (she’s #TeamJess). 

Vanessa can currently be seen acting in the show Switched at Birth. 

4 thoughts on “Vanessa Marano Hopes She Can Redeem April

  • February 19, 2016 at 5:14 pm

    I never really minded April. I thought she was cute. But I can understand how some fans were frustrated by the plot devise. I just wish Luke and Lorelai had handled it better. I’m pleased that we’ll see her as part of the family. I am assuming that Luke and Lorelai are together. What’s the point of the revival if they’re not? Hopefully, people will be more forgiving towards her character.

  • February 19, 2016 at 5:15 pm

    So, glad she’s Team Jess! But then he is April’s cousin.

  • February 20, 2016 at 11:49 am

    While I understand why she is in the revival, I just find her so annoying. She isn’t enjoyable at all. It had been my hope that she wouldn’t appear but would just get a mention. I would rather screen time be devoted to others. Hopefully, she won’t be in many scenes. Of course, imho.

  • October 14, 2016 at 6:38 am

    April would have been a perfect match for Jason Stiles daughter, not luke. I didn’t mind april but she favors jason more than luke. I think lorelia and jason would have made a good pair. They were smart and didn’t mind working .


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