20 Times Gilmore Girls Got This Romance Stuff Down Pat


Happy Valentine’s Day! In honour of the day, I share with you some of the best romantic moments on Gilmore Girls, ones that made us tear up or our hearts skip a beat. Gilmore Girls has put our hearts through the ringer oh so many times because these moments? These moments were beautiful.

When Dean made Rory a car

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When Rory realizes she loves Dean: “I love you, you idiot”


When Luke made Lorelai her own ice rink


When Max proposed to Lorelai with 1000 yellow daisies

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When Luke built Lorelai a chuppah for her wedding to another guy 


When Rory kisses Jess


When Luke makes Lorelai a Santa Burger


The Sleigh Ride between Luke & Lorelai

Luke lorelai sleigh

And let’s not forget when Jess jumps into the sleigh with Rory, trying to get her to see that Dean isn’t the right guy for her

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When Luke finally kisses Lorelai


When Luke tells Lorelai he’s ‘All In’


When Jess came back to Stars Hollow

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When Jess attributes his career to Rory

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When Logan got Rory out of her shell, encouraging her to jump

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When Logan gave Rory a Rocket Ship to remind her that he’ll be back34559ef0 e6fe 0132 c025 0a13eebe068d

When Logan proposed to Rory

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When Lorelai proposes to Luke

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When Luke danced with Lorelai at Liz’s wedding

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When Luke stayed up all night to make a going away tent for Rory

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When Luke & Lorelai reunited on the Season 7 Finale

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One thought on “20 Times Gilmore Girls Got This Romance Stuff Down Pat

  • February 14, 2016 at 6:53 pm

    Some nice romantic memories there, really lovely scenes that I know I’ll always smile at when I watch them. However, personally, I think Logan’s proposal is one of the most unromantic ways of asking someone to marry you. It should be personal, a moment between a couple, not in front of a room full of people. Talk about pressure. Maybe its just my Britishness but in all the ways I’ve thought about being proposed to, ( usually by Milo Ventimiglia), my parents and grandparents were never there.


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