Jared Padalecki Confirmed for Gilmore Girls #DeanIsBack


The trifecta is back! Jared Padalecki has confirmed he will be back as Dean Forrester on Gilmore Girls, appearing in the Netflix revival Gilmore Girls: Seasons. This news joins yesterday’s announcement that Milo Ventimiglia would return as Jess and the previous announcement that Matt Czuchry will return as Logan – so Amy did manage to get all three main love interests back for Rory!

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There is no word yet what role each actor will play. Are they merely returning for Richard’s funeral? Will they appear in more than one episode? Only time will tell. So, let’s all celebrate that #DeanIsBack!

For fans of Supernatural (like me), this will be an odd reversal to see “Sam” turn back into “Dean,” who is his Supernatural brother’s name. Too funny. It’s assumed that Warner Brothers, which also produces Supernatural, was instrumental in freeing up Jared’s schedule to accommodate the return to Gilmore Girls

What will Dean be up to? Jared didn’t have high hopes for the future of his character, saying he is

“probably working at Doosey’s. Hopefully he’s a manager by now. He’s flipping the hot dogs and filling up the Slushee machine, he’s probably holding down the fort. Dean was always a pretty low-key guy!”

This news follows the additional announcements yesterday of the return of Grant-Lee Phillips as the town troubadour, Sally Strutters as Babette, Michael Winters ad Taylor and Liz Torres as Miss Patty!

See a full list of CONFIRMED actors returning to Gilmore Girls here (kept updated daily).


4 thoughts on “Jared Padalecki Confirmed for Gilmore Girls #DeanIsBack

  • February 11, 2016 at 2:19 pm

    if jared signed on for a gilmore girls reunion series, how wll he continue with the supernatural series. maybe that is why there has been no announcements for a season 12 renewal. It is odd since he cancelled appearances last summer in europe due to exhaustion.

  • May 8, 2017 at 2:41 pm

    Pin my tail and call me a doyken, that really helped.


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