Scott Patterson Applauds the Opening of Luke’s Diner


Scott Patterson followed along on the rumours of Gilmore Girls’ return as adamantly as we did, always noting how the fans deserved a better ending. He was first to start the rumour mills going in the middle of last year, which were later denied (but obviously came true!). Always one to share the love with fans, we’re turning to Scott Patterson now for some cheery insight into the Gilmore Girls revival!

Luke s2 ep7 02

From Scott’s Facebook page, we see the message that “Luke’s Diner is officially open for business! Coffee half price 7am -11am! This is for the best fans on the planet! Your love and support of this whacky, heartfelt world made this happen! Enjoy! # GilmoreGirls # LukeDanes # BestFansEver ”

From Scott’s Twitter, we see:

And let’s just add, his son is ADORABLE: 



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