Gilmore Girls and Coffee: The Perfect Mix


We recently discussed, Was Luke’s Coffee Any Good? (and Lorelai sure thought it was!), but just what else did our beloved girls have to teach us about coffee?

ANDPop made a list of 10 things Gilmore Girls taught us about coffee along with some killer gifs, which we’ll highlight a few of here:

Quitting is for losers

gilmore girls

SOURCE: Picslist

Regularly confess your love for coffee

gilmore girls

SOURCE: theodysseyonline

Quitting coffee is unnecessary and painful

Gilmore Girls

SOURCE: Thought Catalog

Coffee goes great with a splash of sarcasm

gilmore girls

SOURCE: Bustle

Finally, there’s no such thing as too much coffee

gilmore girls

SOURCE: Buzzfeed

Since we are Gilmore Girls experts over here, we think it hilarious that so much of Gilmore Girls is about coffee, when truly those cups may not have even had coffee in them. Alexis Bledel didn’t (perhaps still doesn’t, who knows?!) like coffee, and her cup always had Coke instead! 


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