Quick Poll: What was your most recent episode of Gilmore Girls?


After three full season re-watches, for the past couple of years I’ve been randomly picking episodes from my PVR. I have to forward through the commercials but it’s the quickest way to scratch that Gilmore itch. I confess I lean towards the Jess vs Dean years but I’ll watch whatever’s on…

How do you take your Gilmore Girls? Are you a proud Netflix newbie? Are you re-watching your DVD boxed set for the second time or wearing out your beloved VHS tapes? TV recordings? Re-runs?

one is a pom

My most recent full episode was the one where Lorelai has termites, Lane has pompoms and Paris has a 750 math with 730 verbal but she wasn’t bragging or anything.

Madeline: So I’m trying to compile a list of people’s scores, especially the top students and I realized I don’t have yours yet.
Rory: Oh, so you wanna know my PSAT scores?
Madeline: Yes that would be great.
Rory: Put Paris on the phone.
s02e11 Secrets and Loans

Also Jackson comes out of the (kitchen) closet wearing wrestling pyjamas, Emily co-signs Lorelai’s loan in a fashion that would have made Machiavelli proud and the word coffee is spoken by 7 people, a total of 16 times including:

Luke: That’s your sixth cup.
Lorelai: Yes it is.
Luke: How about some tea?
Lorelai: Absolutely, throw it in with the coffee.

What was your most recent episode?  Who scored better in the PSATs, Rory or Paris?  Have you ever had termites?  Hockey puck rattlesnake monkey monkey underpants.  How many coffees have you had today (I’m betting it’s not as many as me)?

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Rich originally began contributing to GIlmore News as 'Dairyman' in 2013, a reference to the character Dairyman Dick in Tess of the D'Urbervilles, (call me Rich). Here in the UK we were late to the Gilmore party and I don't remember what made me watch my first episode - the one where Lorelai picks Rory up from the police station after she and Logan steal a yacht - but I remember watching it again immediately. And then again. Thankfully, the next show was on the next day and I watched that one three times too. And then the boat one again. I couldn't believe the dialogue was so quick and so funny and I pretended to myself that I was only watching it so I could figure out who I was more keen on - the mom or the daughter. I swore that Aaron Sorkin must have been involved but I couldn't find his name attached anywhere, even on the internet. So I watched and loved and laughed and cried and the day after the series finale, they ran the entire show from the beginning again and Rory turned into a baby so then I was all about Lorelai. Lauren Graham is astonishing ("Mother: Breathtaking") and the show was - and is - lightning in a bottle. It's a treasure for those who watch and get swept up in it, like I did and like the readers of Gilmore News. It's heartbreak and chicken soup, family dysfunction and blind optimism, lighthearted romanticism and balls-out brilliant. Thanks to Arieanna and gilmorenews.com for letting me squat and allowing my inner Gilmore Geek out for air. I worry how it would otherwise manifest.

13 thoughts on “Quick Poll: What was your most recent episode of Gilmore Girls?

  • April 7, 2015 at 10:42 am

    I am just restarting the series from the beginning! Brushing up on my Gilmore Girls before the reunion in Austin!!! Currently watching on Netflix, all though i own all the dvds. With it on Netflix i never have to stop to put a dvd in! That could be a good or bad thing. Lol
    I think Rory did better right? The fact that i question this means i need to rewatch ASAP!
    Yes unfortunately!!! Termites are not fun to deal with!
    Sat and forever am at work here. :)
    Only 1 cup. (Gets up to make another)

  • April 7, 2015 at 2:01 pm

    I tend to re-watch The four first ones… with the intention of watching the whole seasons again… Still hoping to do so… Yet the first four contains so much of Gilmore Girls ! :)

  • April 8, 2015 at 7:20 am

    Watching the DVD box. Have gone through the 7 seasons 3 times last 2 years. Can’t decide – early years and later years are still equally good. Miss the Gilmores’ like crazy. / A Swedish Gilmore

  • April 8, 2015 at 2:07 pm

    Think Rory was 10 points higher on both scores and not coffee but tea for me. I’m kind of lazy when it comes to reruns, tend to just watch where ABCF is in the seven season cycle [10AM central time tomorrow onThursday should kick out a beauty of an episode in You Jump Jack.]

  • April 10, 2015 at 3:07 pm

    I just watched the episode were Rory is hosting the student from Chilton and she sneaks away and gets caught at a party. This is also the episode where Paris and Doyle sleep together for the first time, and when Logan interrupts Rory’s class with his performance with Colin and Finn to ‘profess his love’. Rory gets back at him by having Richard come and tell Logan the families have talked and they plan to marry the two, ending with ‘welcome to the family’. The best!

    Lorelei finds out about Luke’s dark day.

    Great episode!

    Rory scored higher on the PSATs, and I’ve never had termites. Only 1 cup of coffee!

  • April 10, 2015 at 3:24 pm

    Amber and Ashley, wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome!

    Yes, Rory scored a 740 verbal and a 760 math which was astonishing since verbal is their thing. Our girl beat Paris in both, by 10 points each :P

    A lovely Richard Gilmore moment at the end of Ashley’s episode, where he taps his nose at Rory…

  • April 10, 2015 at 3:57 pm

    Yep, tough to beat the run of episodes in the middle of season 5, from you jump jack to bye-bye Dean to NACAP’s give them their balls with the resultant Rory-Richard sting shoutout!!

  • April 12, 2015 at 12:19 am

    As I am in little ol New Zealand, our Netflix still doesn’t have Gilmore Girls on it!!

    I still have, and always will, my original DVD set from when they first came out. I tend to lean towards seasons 1-5, with even season five being a hesitant watch with all the pain and drama that season brings! :(

    But for me, my last episode which also happens to the episode I watched last night, was the episode after Rory and Dean break up (the first time) and she attends Madeline’s French Soda party (its unofficial name for now) and ending with one of my favourite scenes…. “I’m ready to wallow now”.

  • April 12, 2015 at 1:57 pm

    Your Netflix may be behind Claudizzaa, but at least you get to live in those adorable little houses with round doors. Poor ol’ Rory… I wish you could get those industrial sized ice cream tubs here in Blighty.

  • April 14, 2015 at 2:32 am

    Ahhh, I had that exact thought when I was watching it! Seriously! Some Ben and Jerrys and perhaps some of Suki’s Peach sauce from the pilot would go down nicely.

  • April 21, 2015 at 8:46 pm

    Since I watch an episode every while I am getting ready for the past three years 350ish (I don’t watch it when I am on vacation) episodes a year…22 episodes in a season…divided by…carry the one…oy with the poodles already! I did not get in the 700’s in math. Not a part of the 700 club. What I mean to say is I’ve seen it so many times through but never get sick of it. I just watched this morning the episode Lorelai’s Birthday where Rory tries to make her the world’s largest pizza and spells out “Happy Birthday Lorelai” in mallowmars, yum!!!

  • January 16, 2017 at 10:20 am

    I feel like I was living in a cave the last 15 years. I had no idea the Gilmore Girls show existed until two weeks before Christmas and I was hooked before the first episode ended. I have now watched the entire first 7 seasons and the revival, and I have started the series all over again!

    I don’t have a lot of episodes that stand out for me, because I really do love the who series, although truth be told, the second go round I do find myself fast forwarding over the Lane in the band scenes, a lot of the Taylor scenes and some of the Rory in seasons 6 & 7.

    What I like best about every episode, if it is part of the episode, is Lorelai and Luke’s bantering, Emily and the maids, Sookie setting things on fire, most of Kirk and his getting hurt or just “ending up” in some odd place.

    Dislikes (ok, I am thinking of more now.) Michel! Why in the world would you keep him on at the Inn? I especially hated the scene (season 6, episode 14) when Luke was at the Inn doing repairs and Michel was talking horribly to Luke. Luke should have decked him first of all, but why did Lorelai let Michel get away with it? Now correct me if I am wrong, but Luke loaned Lorelai a lot of money and she kept calling Luke an investor (forgot what season) so doesn’t this make Luke one of the owners of the inn?

    Also, not a fan of the whole April thing.

    So, back to your original question of best episodes… My favorite scene is the Luke and Lorelai make-up when Lorelai answers the door and Luke comes in and just kisses her. I also loved the whole wedding scene!

    Wishes for this series…If I could do a rewrite, I would have had Emily at the wedding. Although it is in character for her to not be there, I think because of the loss of Richard and her current state of mind, she should have been included. I also think they should have had Sookie’s one scene at the wedding. She would more likely be there than Michel. I also wish that Luke and Lorelai had had a child together.


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