Lauren and Connie are Tweeting like it’s 1999


Lauren Graham and Connie Britton are tweeting birthday photos of/at each other and we’re loving it.  Lauren and Connie were roommates back in the 90s, before they both hit it big: Connie in Spin City, Friday Night Lights and most recently, Nashville.   And Lauren was in that uh – wait… you know, that show with that chick who was in Bridesmaids.

Lauren posted this 1999 photo in honour of Connie’s birthday last week.

Hallo boys!

Cute, right?  She tweeted:

Lauren: In honor of the babely @conniebritton birthday, let’s all party like its 1999! (Photo from 1999 for reference).

Then Connie responded with this one yesterday, for Lauren’s birthday (Happy birthday Lauren, we totally remembered. Your Amazon voucher is in the post).

Connie: Happy birthday @thelaurengraham! To celebrate, please enjoy this delightful photo of us and her boob c. 2005

Ol' Blue Eyes is back with Ol' Red Eyes

Anyone else out there roomed with superstars?  I once saw Christopher Lee (Saruman from Lord of the Rings) in an airport.  And Simon Callow (Four Weddings and a Funeral) on a plane. It’s true what Billy Crystal said about them having big bobble-heads.

Pics c/o @thelaurengraham and @conniegraham



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